Life Learning Choices

L1 I can make contributions in my community

• I can analyze the potential impact of volunteerism on career opportunities

• I can investigate personal safety procedures for working as a volunteer; e.g., work in pairs

L2 I can plan, set & reflect on personal goals

• I can apply personal time management skills to a variety of learning opportunities; e.g., develop strategies to overcome procrastination

• I can relate the value of lifelong learning to personal success and satisfaction

• I can use decision-making skills to select appropriate risk-taking activities for personal growth and empowerment; e.g., increasing freedom means increased responsibility for consequences of choices

• I can refine personal goals and priorities relevant to learning and career paths; e.g., investigate education programs including senior high school programs and those related to potential careers

• I can extend and improve a personal portfolio; e.g., include sample application form, personal résumé, answers to typical interview questions

• I can develop strategies to deal with transitional experiences; e.g., create a learning plan for transition to senior high school, keeping future career plans in mind