Public advocacy

What is red for ed?

Wearing #RedForEd on Fridays is a highly visible and effective way for teachers and our communities in Alberta to come together in advocating for a fully funded public education system that puts students first.

Public education is under attack in Alberta. Recent government policies and budget cuts make it increasingly difficult to continue to offer the programs and services that uphold optimal teaching and learning conditions for ALL students, such as small class sizes and supports for inclusion. Approximately $250 million has been arbitrarily removed, mid-year, from school budgets across the province without public consultation - putting many districts (literally) in the red - as of October 2019.

Therefore, RVATA35 has joined in solidarity with the larger, North American movement #RedForEd, which supports maintaining high-quality, universally accessible public education systems in Canada and the United States. We know that Alberta's public education system is the best in Canada, and one of the best in the world. We need teachers in our district to stand up with us to help keep it that way.