Rutherford Reopening

Important reminder from the Board of Education to strictly follow the CORE FOUR: staying home when sick; practicing physical distancing; wearing a mask; and practicing healthy hand hygiene.


This school year from a pandemic perspective:

Find a reusable/washable face covering that your child is comfortable wearing, and stock up on those.

Be sure you have a working thermometer at home to help monitor possible symptoms of illness.

Be attentive to school communications sent home, as important information and deadlines will be conveyed directly by school officials.

More important than ever: If a child seems sick, keep him or her home. A Daily Home Screening Checklist can help with those at-home evaluations.

different approach for 2020/21

Our plan for reopening Rutherford Public Schools is grounded in our core goals of having students in school as much as possible, while preserving the safety of all students and staff. We started working on the plan in May, and we researched how European schools managed. We pulled together a committee of more than 60 staff members, Board of Education representatives and parent volunteers who worked within the guidelines issued by the State of New Jersey.

The health, safety, and well-being of our students and staff has always been a top priority, but that responsibility takes on a different meaning when discussed during a pandemic. We addressed every single aspect of our operations in our plan, which was approved by Department of Education.

While distance learning worked for Rutherford as a whole last spring, we need a different approach for the 2020/21 school year. Our youngest students do best with in-person instruction, and space accommodations in classrooms and schedule adjustments, they can be in school daily. Our older students did well with distance learning, which, along with space concerns, is why we believe a hybrid model will work best for them.

Things are changing quickly in this climate. That’s why our plan is split into phases, which will allow us to re-evaluate the plan based on a better understanding of current data. While we would love to “go back to normal,” our hope is that one day we will do that, and can change our plans to reflect that. We will be ready for that, too.

-- Jack Hurley, Superintendent of Schools

The District Reopening Plan is an ongoing process and subject to change as directed by the New Jersey Department of Education or as dictated by changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.