Pierrepont co-curricular Clubs

Club & After School Activities Calendar

Description: Come here after school to complete homework, study for an assessment, etc. This is a quiet time for you to complete any schoolwork.

Advisors: Ms. Medina

Date/Time: Tuesday - Friday from 3:15 - 3:45 PM

*Please listen to morning announcements for cancellations.*

Location: Room 223


Description: Band is the group performance of our Instrumental Music Program.  We will begin meeting for rehearsals this October.  All students that enroll in Instrumental Music will be involved and perform at our Winter and Spring Concerts.

Advisors: Mr. Faugno

Date/Time: All lessons will take place at rotating times during the school day. Large ensemble rehearsals are once a week during enrichment period. 

Location: Band Room

Description: Book Club is a place to discuss books, connect with fellow students, and have fun! The goal is to encourage our love for reading. This student-led club will give YOU the opportunity to choose what books we read and what different activities we complete.

Advisor: Ms. Zak

Date/Time: second Wednesday of every month from 3:00 - 3:30

Location: Room 132

Description: Business Club is a place to make money by creating products! The goal is to walk through the process of starting a small business: brainstorming, advertising, production, and selling products. You will have the opportunity to choose your products, working alone or with a business partner.

Advisor: Dr. Evtimovski

Date/Time: Wednesdays (TBD) from 3:00 - 3:30

Location: Libary Annex

Google Classroom Code: 43c2m27

Description:  🌟Join the Pierrepont Chess Club! 🌟 Are you ready to sharpen your mind, unleash your strategic prowess, and immerse yourself in the world of chess? Look no further! The Pierrepont Chess Club is calling all chess enthusiasts, from beginners to grandmasters, to join us in a thrilling journey through the chessboard.

🏆 Why Join the Pierrepont Chess Club? 🏆 

🧠 Mental Workout: Chess is the ultimate brain exercise! Improve your concentration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills while having fun.

♟️ All Skill Levels Welcome: Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our club offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for all levels of players.

🤝 Social Interaction: Make new friends who share your passion for chess. Forge lifelong connections while enjoying exciting matches in a fun and relaxed environment.

🎉 Fun and Friendly Atmosphere: Chess club is a fun, relaxed, and casual club. There is friendly competition and players can learn from each other.

Advisor: Ms. Medina

Date/Time: every Tuesday at 3 pm, starting on 9/19/23. Attendance is not mandatory. You may show up to chess club when you want to or can. :)

Location: Room 223

 👑 Checkmate your way to victory! Join the Pierrepont Chess Club today! 👑


Description: Chorus is a club where we come together to sing and share our love of music with one another. This is open to all grades and no singing experience is required. This gives students an opportunity to show off their talents as well as discovering new talents. There are two chorus concerts per year: The winter chorus concert features songs about winter weather and different holidays around the world. The spring chorus concert features different genres of music including pop, jazz, musical theatre, rock, and more! Rehearsals are during lunch and after school. You can find the full schedule on my website. 

Advisor: Miss Jordan

Date/Time: Please see website.

Coloring Club

Description: Join us for an opportunity to relax, color, and chat with fellow students while listening to calming music.  Our coloring club will focus on positivity, relaxation, and encouraging messages. All students are welcome to drop by to show their creative side in a warm and inviting environment.

Advisor: Ms. Engels and Mrs. Macri

Date/Time: 3:00-3:30PM (1-2 times each month)

Days will vary between Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Be sure to check the club calendar and listen to announcements for meeting dates!

Location: Room 102

Debate Team

Description: Which 5th and 6th grade students are ready for a new challenge? Debate team is a fun way to challenge your friends to a battle of wits! Who can best support their stance? Who can best research information? If you enjoy reading and think you are up for the challenge, join the Debate Team! Each question posed will open up a whole new world of critical thinking skills.  We will be platonically debating ideas, definitions, ethics, morals, norms, and many more topics.  Join the Debate Team and let's see how much you can open your mind!

Advisor: Mrs. Bermudez

Helper: Mrs. Finnegan

Date/Time: Wednesdays 3PM-4PM

Location: Room 218 (Mrs. Bermudez's Room)

Drama Club

Description: Calling all actors, singers, and dancers!  Drama Club is the perfect place to meet other friends who love theater as much as you do. We will be practicing all year for our Spring Musical: Aladdin Jr. We have spots for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.

Advisor: Ms. McManus & Mr. Vaccaro

Date/Time:  Please see our calendar on Google Classroom.

Link to Website: Please see website for more information.

Description: The Pierrepont Green Team is here to make a positive impact not only around school, but around the world as well! We start small by bringing environmental awareness to the Pierrepont community through our actions on a daily basis. We run a plastic bag recycling program to make a positive impact on the environment, primarily our oceans. We learn about the process of growing a plant. In the Spring, we put our knowledge to the test as we set up our two greenhouses and begin to grow a variety of plants from seeds! We document our success as a team and as individuals and begin to care for and nurture our seeds. When they begin to bloom, we share our success stories! The possibilities are endless with the Green Team, so come and help us make a difference today!

Advisor: Mr. Bach

Date/Time: 1-2 Wednesdays per month at 3:00

Location: Room 020

Description: Odyssey of the Mind has been the world’s greatest creative problem-solving program since its beginning.  This program allows students to learn, develop, and employ skills related to teamwork, resource management, designing and making, divergent thinking, and so much more. Odyssey of the Mind provides students with a place to learn today’s creative problem-solving skills while having fun! Odyssey of the Mind teams are made up of seven students. Students in 6th grade are able to try out for the team.

Advisor: Mrs. Gatanis

Date/Time: Tryouts will be held for 6th grade students on Friday, September 29th, directly after school in Room 216. Only seven students will be chosen to make up the Pierrepont Odyssey of the Mind team per Odyssey of the Mind NJ Rules. The team will meet every Friday starting in October until 4:00. 

Location: Room 216

Forehand Ball, Basketball and Volleyball!

Description: Sixth grade students may sign up for after-school intramurals. Activities will run on random days throughout the year until 3:45pm. A physical is required to participate. 

Forehand games will be co-ed and run from October to November. 

Basketball intramurals will be co-ed and run from late-December to February.

Volleyball intramurals will be co-ed and run from mid-March to May.

Advisor: Mr. Pampulevski

Description: The Pierrepont Post is here to keep everyone connected and aware of all the happenings in our school! The online newspaper will include articles about current issues, updates on Rutherford and Pierrepont happenings, illustrations, teacher and student interviews, and more!

Advisor: Ms. Demirbulakli

Date/Time: First Tuesday of each month / 3:15 - 3:45

First meeting: October 4, 2023

Location: Room 134

Description: Rachel’s Challenge is a program that was developed to continue a student named Rachel’s legacy of creating a culture of kindness and respect throughout schools across the country. The club is open to any student wanting to engage in various acts of kindness, with hopes of being part of a “chain reaction.”

Advisor: Ms. Demetriades, Ms. Loffredo, & Ms. Mallari

Date/Time: Every third Thursday / 3:00-3:30 

View Meeting Dates Here

Location:  Room 024

Description: THIS CLUB IS OPEN TO ALL PIERREPONT STUDENTS! We are responsible for assisting with service-oriented projects chosen by the club advisors.

Advisors: Mrs. Frattarola & Ms. Scrimenti

Date/Time: Second Thursday of the month / 3:00-3:30

Location: Room 002 - Ms. Scrimenti's Room

*Please make sure your ride has been arranged prior to coming to Service Club. 

*Students will exit through the 4th Grade gate from Portable 2.

Description: Spanish Club encourages students with an interest in the Spanish language and cultures.  Activities will include movies/videos, discussions of different and events, and conversation about recent events happening in Spanish speaking countries.

Advisor: Sra. Prettyman

Date/Time: second Tuesday of the month

Starts right after school until 4:00

Location: Room 208

Description: STEM Club is a great opportunity to experience new, hands-on challenges and connect with peers! Members will have the chance to explore their interests in the STEM field and get firsthand experience in engineering. 

Advisor: Mrs. Stallone

Date/Time: The first meeting will be on Wednesday, September 27th at 3 PM until 3:30 in the STEM Lab (Room 027). This will be an interest/informational meeting for all students in grades 4, 5, and 6 who wish to sign up. Sign-ups will take place at this meeting.

Future meetings will typically take place on the last Tuesday and/or Wednesday of each month, depending on the number of students that sign up as multiple meetings may be needed. Please check back in early October for more information.

Location: Room 027 (new wing - near the gym)