Lebanon High School

Home of the Pioneers

"Forward Always Forward"


105 Charles C. Long Drive

Lebanon, VA 24266

276-889-6539 Phone

276-889-0622 FAX


Monday, December 10th & 17th All 7th Classes

Tuesday, December 11th & 18th 1st & 4th All Classes

Wednesday, December 12th & 19th 2nd & 6th All Classes

Thursday, December 13th & 20th 3rd & 5th All Classes

Friday, December 14th

*1st & 4th Combined DE Calculus (S. Belcher) Begins 1st Period

*3rd & 5th Combined DE Trigonometry (Ka. Fletcher) Begins at 12:10PM

*2nd & 3rd Combined DE Trigonometry (S. Belcher) Begins at 12:10PM

Each class will meet daily from December 10th through December 20th. Classes will continue to be 50 minutes from December 10th through December 20th.

If a teacher’s exam will only last one period, the exam must be given during the last week it is scheduled. However, if an exam is given that will take students longer than one period to complete, teachers have the above option. Teachers may give the first part of the exam on the first scheduled period day and the remainder of the exam on the last scheduled period day.

After each period exam is completed, teachers are to begin second semester instruction. Students are required to be in class and instruction is to be provided.

Exams are required to be given in all classes and only during the scheduled times.

Students are expected to be in every class period each day of exam week and will not be excused from any exam. Teachers will take attendance every class period. Truancy guidelines will be followed.

Students should not check in and out on any day unless they have a doctor’s appointment, etc. They need to attend all classes because instruction will continue.

Principal: Mr. Joseph Long


Assistant Principal: Mr. Randall Garrett


Administrative Assistant: Mr. Brian Hooker


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Russell County Public Schools and its Career and Technical Education Programs do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and, if applicable, provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.