Mr. Hines

Hello! I am a Licensed Professional School Counselor and aim to work with the students, faculty of the school, parents, and the community to make the educational journey for the students of CE Jacobson Elementary as enjoyable as possible. My number one goal is to help the students of this school overcome obstacles to success. I hope to prepare students so that someday when they leave, they have the skills necessary to be successful. I am here to support students in academic, social or emotional, and career facets of education and life in general. Students that need support through transitions, challenges, and any other concern are always welcome to visit with me. I am an adult in the school that students can trust and confide in and should feel that they can share anything with me.

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Contact Information:

Sam Hines M.S.E.

School Counselor, CE Jacobson Elementary, Rush City Public Schools


Phone: 320-358-1325. Room 110A

95 South Harte Ave. PO Box 566. Rush City, MN 55069