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Debbie Kerridge, MA, Licensed Professional School Counselor

School Counselor, CE Jacobson Elementary, Rush City Public School

Email: dkerridge@rushcity.k12.mn.us Address: 51001 Fairfield Avenue, Rush City, MN, 55069


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Counseling services offered at CE Jacobsen Elementary:

Social-Emotional Learning:

Social-Emotional lessons are an integral part of the elementary school counseling program and important to every student’s academic success. Students will receive daily social emotional lessons in their classroom utilizing SecondStep curriculum.

For more information about SecondStep, please refer to this website:


Social-Emotional Learning Newsletters for the 2019-20202 School Year are linked below:

Individual Counseling:

Elementary school counselors are available to meet individually with a student in circumstances when a student's educational success is being impacted. The school counselor spends time working with individual students to improve their social skills, discuss feelings, and to empower problem solving methods. Elementary school counselors assist ALL children and is considered a part of a regular educational service provided by the school. While a school counselor cannot always provide on-going counseling, it may be appropriate for a student to receive short term counseling. When more attention and intervention is required, school counselors can act as a referral agent for parents to access counseling services within the community.

Small Group Counseling:

The purpose of small group counseling is to complement and enhance students' learning by improving their perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors. Small group counseling provides a safe setting where children, along with their peers, can increase their self-awareness and improve their cooperation and communication skills. The children can learn from each other. Ultimately the goal of small group counseling is to prevent problems in the future by teaching children new skills. Every child can benefit from participation in a small group. Students can be invited to join a group by parent request, teacher or counselor suggestion, or by the students themselves. Current groups for grades K-6 include: Social skills, students learn about self-awareness, self-monitoring, self-control and social problem-solving. Our students are also invited to participate in Tiger Tamers, in this group students learn about healthy coping skills to dealing with difficult situations. Students will learn mindfulness, practice self-management skills, self-regulation, self-advocacy skills, and increase their ability to express themselves in a safe environment.

Collaborating with Teachers and Staff:

Both teachers and counselors have similar goals: the educational success of each student. It is important that school counselors collaborate with teachers and administrators to promote student learning. If a student is having problems in a classroom, school counselors will join together with teachers to come up with some practical strategies which will remove educational barriers and enhance the learning environment of that student.

Consulting with Parents:

Parents and school counselors speak with each other to help the child/student on a variety of issues such as new school transitions, special needs, family transitions, and crisis situations. Studies have shown that children have greater academic achievement when their parents are involved in their education. Parental involvement is critical to helping a child be a successful student. Both parents and counselors can share information with each other to help meet the needs of the student. Additionally, school counselors can help put parents in touch with community resources, if the need arises.

Community Resources:

School counselors can provide short-term individual counseling for students, but when more intervention is required, they can coordinate referrals to community agencies.

Parenting and Behavior Support Web Resources https://childmind.org/audience/for-families/

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide (Helpful information about how to address concerns for suicide) https://www.sptsusa.org/

Sesame Street In Communities, Resources and Activities for Managing Difficult Situations for Young Children https://sesamestreetincommunities.org/topics/

Guide to Mental Health and Wellness https://onlinedegrees.bradley.edu/counseling/masters/a-counselors-guide-to-mental-health-and-wellness/

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How can I make an Appointment with the School Counselor?

You can....

Come into my office – Room 110A

Email me- dkerridge@rushcity.k12.mn.us

Call me –320-358-325

Talk with your child’s teacher about making an appointment for you or your child