Martin Luther King Activities

Tami KruegerActivities DirectorRoom G106(951) 789-5690

Hello King Wolves,

My name is Tami Krueger, and I am the activities director of Martin Luther King High School. I was fortunate enough to have opened King High School in 1999. After a seven year absence, I am blessed to be back on this amazing campus. There is so much that King High has to offer your student. We are very fortunate to have over sixty clubs available for student involvement. As an Activities Director, I would love to have your student involved on the campus. In late September all of our clubs participate in club rush week. This is an opportunity for students, during their lunch time, to examine the available clubs as well as meet with the advisors. Remember, it is never too late to get involved on our campus.

Statistics show that when students are connected to school, they are going to perform well academically, have better attendance, and will have a positive high school experience. The benefits of students being involved in extra-curricular activities is far reaching. Whether it be in a school activity or involvement in our community, it is an excellent decision to make. Keeping students busy outside of their regular school hours is important and will benefit them in their future endeavors.

With so many clubs and sports available it can be overwhelming for your student to choose what to get involved with on campus. It is always a great idea to review the activities that are available, listen to other students’ experiences to find an activity that meets your student’s needs. Think about their interests, abilities, and time. I challenge your student not to limit themselves to something familiar. Get out on campus and try something new.

Make a difference, set a goal, and challenge yourself to make your four years here at King memorable.

Always remember, It’s Great to be KING!

Tami Krueger