Relationships + Values + Academics

Building Relationships

School Activities

Throughout the year, the RVA organizes group events that encourage students to gather with other RVA students to share interests, hone in their skills, discover new talents, and make new friends. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this small offering of photos speaks volumes. Below you will see some of the great events the RVA has hosted in years past as well as a short video tutorial explaining event opportunities in the RVA.

Sylvan Hill.mp4
EVENTS Pictures
RVA Prom 2018.mp4

10 Regions + 1

Since the RVA serves students statewide, it is important to have a number of activities throughout the school year so all students can have opportunities to participate. The following regions have been defined based on a large frequency of student population in that area. Click below on a region near you and learn what RVA is doing in your area.

Planning to Attend?

Please let us know you are coming to the next RVA event by responding to the hosting regional event coordinator. Students and their family are welcomed and encouraged to attend any event in any region! Let us know the number of attendees you plan to bring along with names and ages. We are looking forward to seeing you there!