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Chiara lisciandra - 30 jun 2022 (online)

SPEAKER: Chiara Lisciandra (University of Munich)

DATE: Thursday, 30 June 2022

TIME: 16:00-17:00

PLACE: ONLINE (Zoom link sent via mailing list)

TITLE: Norms2: Norms About Norms

ABSTRACT: In this paper, I outline and defend the view that variations in compliance levels with one and the same norm represent different norms about following norms. In support of this claim, I first argue that classic game-theoretic accounts, which define norms as Nash equilibria of noncooperative games, typically consider variations in compliance levels as separate norms. After that, I suggest a more fine-grained, game-theoretic distinction that accounts for degrees of compliance with the same norm and I show how to incorporate such an account into a psychological framework. Finally, the paper examines what given degrees of compliance can reveal about the dynamics underlying the process of norm change. I will argue that they are indicators of different reactions to the introduction of new norms.