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Revantha ramanayake - december 9 (online)

SPEAKER: Revantha Ramanayake (University of Groningen)

DATE: Thursday, 9 December 2021

TIME: 16:00-17:00

PLACE: Bernoulliborg, Room 5161.0165 ONLINE (the zoom link will be sent via the mailing list)

TITLE: Cuts, Calculi, Complexity

ABSTRACT: I will introduce some of the research themes underlying my work: cut-elimination, developing analytic proof calculi for non-classical logics, and using such calculi to obtain decidability and complexity for substructural logics. I will provide a high-level overview and present specific topics of particular interest to me including cut-elimination for provability logics, what to do when cut-elimination fails for your favourite logic in the sequent calculus (the conventional approach), a programme rethinking this approach (and a new paradigm called cut-reduction that extends cut-elimination), and decidability and complexity for many extensions of the commutative Full Lambek calculus with weakening/contraction.