Abstract Argumentation & Modal Logic

This is the webpage of the ESSLLI2021 course on Abstract Argumentation and Modal Logic.

Course structure: This will be a flipped teaching course. Ahead of each day we make available condensed clips explaining the materials we plan to cover. We leave the first hour of each slot free for the students to watch those videos. The second hour will take the form of a live Q&A session in which students can ask questions to the lecturers about the materials.

Lecture notes: Students may support their learning through these lecture notes. These notes are still in a draft form, so please do not circulate them outside of this course.

Dates: 2 to 6 August.

Times: From 9:45 till 11:15. The first part (~one hour) is left free for the students to watch the videos published below. The second part (~30 min), starting at 10:45, will consist of a live Q&A session with the lecturers. So, live sessions with the lecturers start at 10:45.

Lecturers: Carlo Proietti and Davide Grossi

To warm up: Monty Python's Argument Clinic


Topics: Attack graphs and basics of abstract argumentation (conflict-freeness, self-defense, admissibility, completeness)

Clips: Intro, Attack graphs, Conflict-freeness and Defense, Admissibility and Completeness


Topics: Solution concepts for attack graphs and how to construct them

Clips: Solutions, Constructing Solutions


Topics: Games on attack graphs and intro to modal logics for abstract argumentation

Clips: Games on attack graphs, Poison game, Modal logic on attack graphs


Topics: Modal logics for abstract argumentation

Clips: Mu-calculus, Poison modal logic, Equivalence, Evaluation games