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Welcome to my Site Here I do Life hacks ♡

Life Hack #1

To turn your canvas shoes into waterproof ones, you need nothing but beeswax and a blow dryer. Spread beeswax all over your shoes. Next, use the blow dryer to melt the beeswax until you can no longer see it. Voila! Your waterproof shoes are ready!

Life Hack #2

Here’s a great way to keep track of your daily water intake. Draw lines on your water bottle with a marker pen, and then write the time beside the marked level. The marking will serve as a visual reminder for you to drink water, and it will help you achieve your daily water intake requirement.

Life Hack #3

If you want extra loud volume just put your phone in a plastic cup or a glass because when you put you phone in the cup/glass the sound becomes louder.

Life Hack #4

To not Overheat your laptop You can use one of your old egg carton and put it under your laptop so its not touching directly to your sheets or your lap .

Life Hack #5

Instead of always having to do the Dishes UGH you can just put plastic wrap over the plate before you eat and when you finish eating you can just take the plastic wrap off and throw it away!

Life Hack #6

When starting a new notebook/subject just leave the first page blank so that when you go back and add a table of contents later for better note finding when you need to study for an exam.

Life Hack #7

Some people love writing in black ink but actually If you write things in blue ink it is easier to remember what you Wrote (but keep studying)

Life Hack #8

To remember the decimals of pi just count the letters in the sentence "May I have a large container of coffee" so its 3.1415926 which is actually Pi !

Life Hack #9

You know when you use the same word over and over and then the piece of writing legit sound BORING just go on and it will get synonyms for the word that you keep using just type it in in the "Another word for" section.

Life Hack #10

You know when you are doing something on google chrome and then you accidentally close an important tap or a youtube video or something in chrome just try pressing "Control + Shift + T and it will reopen your old tap that you closed.

Life Hack #11

If you have a bunch of things to delete and going one at a time and its taking like forever Just use control + backspace for a whole word on windows but on a mac you can actually click Control + Delete for a whole word and Command + Delete for the whole sentence.

Life Hack #12

This happens to me all the time Im just like writing an essay, Not paying at the screen because you want to finish it as soon as possible but then when I finish and I'm about to proof read it and then you realize you just wrote the whole essay in capital letters but its super easy to fix because on a mac just go Highlight the text click edit then transformation and make lowercase but for Windows you just highlight then press shift and F3.

Life Hack #13

Do you hate when your like chilling doing your homework and then you want to put your book back into your bag but then you cant get the zips undone yep happened to me many times just take your pencil and run it along both sides of the teeth of the zipper and Voila your zipper will be fixed !

Life Hack #14

This one are gonna be how to remove stains life hacks so to remove these stains keep scrolling

You remove deodorant marks with dryer sheets

You remove oil stains with baby powder

You remove coffee stains with baking soda

You remove sweat marks with lemon juice

You remove the green stain because of the grass with vinegar

You remove Lipstick stains with rubbing alcohol

You remove Ink stains with milk

You remove Grease with soda

You remove Berries with boiling water


Life Hack #15

If your shoes ever smell don't just go spray perfume in them or something just put a tea bag in each of the shoes and it will not be smelly anymore !

Life Hack #16

WARNING ONLY FOR GIRLS : If you are a girl and you wear dry shampoo like me and you suddenly ran out but your too lazy to get a new bottle just go to your bathroom or room and get baby powder and use that instead.

Life Hack #17

To be Organized in 2019 which is around the corner I Recommend starting your own bucket list (A bucket list is a list that says the things you want to be able to do in 2019