This is the Criteria you would need to meet or exceed to get a "G" or "E" for Term 1 report card


-Is prepared for class everyday with books, pens, student card, reading material and other materials

-calls homework buddy each night to review homework (especially if you are sick)

-Finishes all your homework and projects every day and on time (especially if you are sick)

-Is on time for class, and/ or leadership role

-Be proactive; Remembers and does their class job and organizes a sub if they are sick

-Takes responsibility for their mistakes (makes up for their mistakes, is honest about their actions)

-Takes matters in their own hands by trying to solve problems on their own

-Always stays on task in class

-Always cleans up after themselves (ex. lunch)


-Files all papers right away, in the correct folders or binders (no loose papers) to help study

-Have all binders, notebooks, gym clothes, agenda and pencil case for each appropriate class (keep track of things)

-Creates neat and labelled notes with dates, name and titles

-When given sheets, puts away properly in your binder by closing tabs

-Keeps their desk neat and organized

-Takes responsibility to organize your work space

-Keeps everything with them while rotate classes

-Keeps their locker clean free from loose papers and food

-Writes down correct subject in their agenda each day and appropriate homework

-Organizes a homework schedule each night

Independent Work

-Does work on own, quietly (without disturbing others)

-Doesn’t get distracted by peers (getting your own quiet space)

-Stays on task at appropriate times when work is given or when it is instructed to (don’t disturb)

-Only shares answers unless it is allowed (no copying)

-Tries to solve problems on your own

-Listens carefully and asks questions if you don’t understand


-Shows teamwork in groups, teams, clubs and group projects

-Includes everybody’s ideas (and really considers them) in discussions

-Divides projects and group work equally

-Works cooperatively with any gender and get’s the work done

-Treats everyone equally

-Co-operates appropriately and respectfully in groups (Don’t make someone do all the work)

-Listens attentively without interruptions to other people’s ideas

-Makes sure everyone gets a chance to share their ideas

-Encourages everyone to stay on task


-Is inquisitive and does extra work without being asked

-Adds ideas in class discussions (once per class)

-Helps others when they have a problem

-Takes the initiative to join extra activities

-Challenge yourself in class projects by making different visuals/presentations

-Ask for help from the teacher or homework buddy (when absent) and when needed

-Be honest in hard situations and in games


-Shows responsibility when teacher leaves room and continues on task

-Always does what is expected

-Knows their big goal(s) and does a little each day at a time

-Makes new goals in all the subjects regularly (Red Portfolio) and DOES THEM

-Stays on task during all assignments, projects

-Stays positive and respectful even when faced with challenges

-Is responsible to hand in their work on time

-Knows what they did wrong/right and gives themselves feedback while taking other’s advice

-Asks for help from students and teachers when appropriate

-Reads their work out loud before handing it in! (not tests)

-Paces themselves while studying and doing tests