Character Traits

Here is the criteria for the learning skills for term 1

September - Character trait: Responsibility, be accountable for your actions. Students of the Month are Muhammad, Manaal and Clare

October - Character trait: Optimism, choose your attitude!

November - Character trait: Integrity, doing the right thing even though no one's watching .

December- Character trait: Caring, showing kindness and compassion to everyone.

January- Character trait: Perseverance. overcome challenges to accomplish your goals.

February - Character trait: Inclusivity... treating everyone fairly and equitably.

March- Character trait: Cooperation... work collaboratively with others for a common goal.

April - Character trait: Empathize... demonstrate concern about the feelings and needs of others

May- Character trait: Teamwork... that's RTMS!

June- Character trait: Respect... treat everyone with high regard and dignity