Homework Page


  • Don't forget that if you want your snack in the morning, you should already have it with you!
  • Bring clean gym clothes!
  • There will be a geometry QUIZ on Friday. Know how to measure angles and sides of a triangle, and label them. Know how to bisect an angle. Be able to determine if shapes are congruent or not. Be able to translate, reflect, and rotate a shape.
  • SKI TRIP is Next Monday! JANUARY 28TH!
  • Perseverance is the character trait for January
  • Pajama Day Friday!

January 23rd

MATH - review reflections and practice doing a few without graph paper. How accurate can you be without graph paper? Make sure to include an axis of symmetry. Use a ruler!

HISTORY - Do some research online to help support what you read in class today. Who were the loyalist groups? Why did they leave the 13 colonies? Where did they go and why? What challenges did the face? You can also review the information in our textbook.

FRENCH - Complete up to part F in your winter destinations package (Ces / Ce / Cet /Cette)

Pajama Day!

January 21st

MATH - Do the Mid-unit Geometry review on page 260 (#'s 1-4) If you do not have dot paper, Use a ruler and draw congruent triangles when you are asked to. Tomorrow we will take it up in first period, and move into figure transformations. you may read the lesson before class on page 261/262 if you like.

FRENCH - Finish your Winter Destination Unit package up to Part F.

LANGUAGE - Read independently for 20 minutes.

January 15th

MATH - Get you test signed by parents and correct any errors on your test. If you are re-writing the test, please review your notes and come see me for extra help tomorrow.

SCIENCE - Finish the cooler that is due on friday

FRENCH - Finish winter destinations package (front page). If you want, look at the back page

History - TEST WEDNESDAY! There will be big main idea questions (true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blank) for the following topics: Jacques Cartier, Samuel-de-Champlain, soldiers, Jesuit priests, Sainte Marie among the Hurons, Ursuline nuns , Fur Traders, Farmers, Seigneurs, Habitants, Filles du roi, Allies to each side, hierarchy of people, economy, Acadia, 7 year war, Thin red line, Beauport shore, treaty of Paris....basically the firsts three chapters of the book.

January 14th

MATH - Get you test signed by parents and correct any errors on your test. If you are re-writing the test, please review your notes and come see me for extra help tomorrow.

As a task, work on the parallel line segments sheet I shared with you. You have to estimate all the angles available on the sheet.

SCIENCE - Finish the cooler explanation.

FRENCH - Practice your 11 questions on winter destinations.

HISTORY - TEST WEDNESDAY! There will be big main idea questions (true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blank) for the following topics:

Jaques Cartier, Samuel-de-Champlain, soldiers, Jesuit priests, Saint Marie among the Hurons, Urseline nuns , Fur Traders, Farmers, Seigneurs, Habitants, Filles du roi, Allies to each side, hierarchy of people, economy, Acadia, 7 year war, Thin red line, Beauport shore, treaty of Paris....basically the firsts three chapters of the book.

January 11th

MATH - finish the angles package.

LANGUAGE - Complete your spoken word poem and all your other poems if they are not done. You must show me your poetry portfolio on Monday, as well as hand in your best poem that you would like me to mark.

(Haiku, Tanka, Two-voice poem, I am poem, Me poem, sonnet, free verse spoken word.

HISTORY - You have a test next week (Wednesday) on all of New France. You may want to start reviewing your notes.

SCIENCE - Write out your explanation for your cooler project.

January 10th

LANGUAGE - Please work on your spoken word poem. Try to complete it.

MATH - Work on the first page of the angles package you received today. We will complete the tasks that require a mira tomorrow.

FRENCH - Write a question in French that you would ask if you called the front desk of a hotel at Mont-Tremblant.

Science - Remember to bring supplies for the cooler, you should be building in class tomorrow.

January 9th

Math - Review for the test tomorrow, we will be given a list of formulas.

Lang - Start on your spoken-word poem.

Science - Remember to bring supplies for the cooler, it's recommended you start building in class tomorrow.

January 8th

MATH - Please do numbers 1-6 on page 240...it is a review for the area of two-dimensional shapes. Test is on Thursday!

SCIENCE - Bottle cooling project. Any work to do?

LANGUAGE - Read independently for 20-30 minutes. Teach me an interesting fact tomorrow!

Thanks everyone. Remember that if you would like extra help in math before the test, I am available at lunch or after school!

January 7th

Math - Focus on perfecting your skill of area of a trapezoid. Practice numbers 3,4,5,6 and 8 on pages 229/230 of our textbook. We will take it up tomorrow morning in class.

Language - Have a look at the following free verse poem and consider your thoughts on it. What would you tell your grade 7 self in the future?


Science - Finish project sheet.

December 14th

Math - Finish first page of triangular prism work sheet

Language - Find or print a good poem

FRENCH - Duo Lingo it up for about 20 minutes

SCIENCE - Are all your experiments and your Mind Map complete? Don't forget to finish the radiation worksheet!

December 13th

MATH - Finish the sheet on rectangular prism surface area. Remember to show all your work and begin by writing the formula for the area you are calculating.

FRENCH - Duo Lingo it up for about 20 minutes

LANGUAGE - Is your adjectives/adverbs/antonyms list complete?

SCIENCE - Are all your experiments and your Mind Map complete?

December 12th

Science - finish lab experiment sheets, Mind Map test next Wednesday

Language - Read for pleasure. Work on me poem

Math - If you want to review surface area by finding a box and or something and find the area

December 11th

MATH - Math Makes Sense Textbook. read pages 97 and 98. Do #1 on page 99.

LANGUAGE - Work on you "Me" poem

SCIENCE - Finish heat transfer worksheet. Mind Map test next Wednesday

MUSIC - Practice for the concert if you are in band.

FRENCH - Finish the questions on today's song worksheet

December 10th

HISTORY - Finish preparing your presentation/performance as a member of New France.

MATH - Math Makes Sense Textbook page 96 #1-6 if your not done. Finish Gulliver Travels worksheet.

LANGUAGE - Finish your adjectives/adverbs/antonyms list for your poem

SCIENCE - Finish Check and Reflect 10.4 page 308 #1,2,3,4,6

December 6th

LANGUAGE - Finish you "i am" poem. Read for pleasure

MATH - finish reading the power point presentation on measurement that we began in class.

SCIENCE - Finish all worksheets from chapter 10

December 5th

SCIENCE - Do the "ice ice baby" graph and questions.

MATH - You get a night off...but make sure you have written all the definitions for geometry. Refer to page 246 if you need to finish it.

LANGUAGE - Write a Tanka poem about one of your favorite things.

December 4th

LANGUAGE - Review the definitions of figurative devices we wrote down today. Write a haiku poem. Remember to follow the rules for a haiku.

MATH - Finish the graphing assignment from today if you are not done. Spend some time playing math games online.

FRENCH - Can you conjugate the whole verb Devoir in writing? How about Aller, Avoir, and Etre?

December 3rd,

MATH - Go to the online textbook. Go to pages 204/205 OF THE BOOK (PDF slide 221/22), and do numbers 1-4 as a follow up to what we discussed about misleading graphs today. HOMEWORK CHECK TOMORROW IN HOMEROOM!!!

LANGUAGE - Make a list of 3 poets from 3 different countries. Write down or print one of their most known poems.

FRANCAIS - Fait une liste de 5 choses (things) tu dois faire ce soir (tonight).

November 30th

MATH - Study for the test on DATA MANAGEMENT which is next week - Tuesday.

LANGUAGE - Read for pleasure. Our poetry unit begins on Monday.

SCIENCE - Review you unit notes

November 29th, 2018

MATH - Review your data management notes and make sure you understand mean, median, mode, range, stem and leaf plots, and line, circle, and table graphing. Write down any questions you may have. Study for the quiz. Math prodigy games is always a good idea!

LANGUAGE - Read for pleasure tonight! Maybe write a 6-word memoir about how you felt your MeTube presentation went.

November 27th, 2018

MATH - Review notes on Stem and leaf plots. Finish classwork if you are not done.

FRENCH - Review the infinitive and conjugated meanings of the 8 irregular verbs.

REMINDER!!! Potluck is on Friday! Please consult with your parents

November 26th, 2018

Math - Finish graph if you are not done. If you want more marks, do a scatter plot like Andy :D

French - Review verbs. Test on Wednesday

Science - Learn about heat so you do well in science!

November 23rd, 2018

MATH - Create the way you will display the data for YOUR M&M's actual number count (graph, table, chart etc.). Also, calculate the mean, median, and mode of the CLASS DATA that you collected from everyone else. This will complete your assignment

LANGUAGE - MeTube presentations continue next week. Read something fun this weekend.

FRENCH - We have a test on irregular verbs early next week. Study the conjugations of the 8 verbs we looked at.

MUSIC - Practice your instrument.

November 22nd, 2018

REMINDER! Tomorrow Mr. DeAbreu will be treating the class to pancakes during period 2. You may bring an extra drink with you to enjoy if you like.

MATH - We will be completing the m&m data assignment tomorrow morning. Please make sure you bring it to class. For homework tonight, please complete the math homework from Tuesday if you did not do it. It is posted on the homework list for November 20 directly above. If you did the homework and handed it in, you should spend 20-30 minutes playing math prodigy games.

LANGUAGE - Prepare for MeTube if your presentation is tomorrow. Otherwise, please read independently for pleasure.

HISTORY - Ensure that your questions from the package are all complete.

FRENCH - Complete your 8 sentences using irregular verbs. We will share them together in class tomorrow.

November 20th, 2018

REMINDER! Tomorrow is our field trip to Finlayson! Please dress warm with gloves, toque, boots, coat, scarf (if necessary) and layers. ALso remember to pack a lunch! You will be outside!

MATH - Find the mean, median, mode, and range for the following set of numbers: 3, 10, 17, 24, 33, 3, 39, 42, 65, 78, 119. Please remember to date your work, write a title (and subtitles), and show all your work. Do not forget a summarizing sentence at the end. You will be handing this in before we leave for Finlayson tomorrow!

HISTORY - Complete questions 6-10 from the package on Acadia. Remember to dress warm for our trip to Finlayson tomorrow!

LANGUAGE - Practice for MeTube if you are presenting Thursday or Friday. Read for 20-30 minutes independently for pleasure.

FRENCH - review your conjugations for the 8 irregular verbs we have been looking at

November 19th,

Math - Read the lesson (all the slides) for tomorrow's math lesson. You do not have to do the work but you must read all the slides.

Language - MeTube Presentations are continuing tomorrow. Please read independently tonight for at least 20 minutes.

History - answer questions 1-5...(all of them will really make me smile though) from the package on ACADIA that we read today.

November 13th, 2018

Language - Me Tube should be just about complete

Science - Finish the textbook questions. Binder check on Thursday.

History - Finish all three readings I gave you and the questions that go with them by the next history class (next week)

November 12th, 2018

Math - Finish your term definitions for the new chapter.

French - Finish the Present tense worksheet

Science - worksheet on self-sustaining biome to complete

Language - complete your MeTube slides

History - Complete 2 of 3 readings/questions from the package I gave you.

Thursday November 8th,

Science - Science test tomorrow, make sure you study. Also binder check tomorrow have your binder organized, everything inside and everything in the right order Mr.Tokue will be taking them tomorrow.

Friday, November 9th

***Check the Classroom Leaders section of the website...I have added a few positions that will add to the success of our class! If you are interested in volunteering for one of the new roles, they will be selected Monday morning after the announcements.

Language - Complete your slides presentation for MeTube

Math - Complete your cost analysis for a trip to Disneyland (if you are not done and have not shown it to me)

French - Try to memorize the Present tense endings for ER and IR verbs, for all the pronouns

History - On Sunday, at 11:11AM, have a moment of silence with millions of other Canadians and remember our fallen soldiers who fought in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and beyond. Email me the word "POPPY", with an attachment to any article you read (either about Remembrance day or Canadian soldiers) between 11:11AM and 3PM on Sunday if you took the time to reflect personally and read an article

November 7th,

Math - Review for the Unit Test tomorrow morning. You will have a double period to complete it.

Language - Continue to gather images for your MeTube presentation and work at completing your slideshow. Presentations will begin Tuesday.

Science - Binder check and TEST are on Friday.

French - Study the infinitive verbs Vouloir / pouvoir / Devoir / Savoir/ Aller / Etre / Faire / Avoir. Know the English translation

November 6th

Math - Finish the practice test on page 37. Study for the test on Thursday...then, in your notebook, write your own definition for the following terms from the unit:

  • Factor
  • Prime number
  • square number
  • square root
  • power
  • exponent
  • base
  • standard form
  • LCM
  • GCF

Language - Edit and Type your paragraphs. Look for images for MeTube. Save to your drive.

French - Write a full sentence answer for questions 9 and 10 from today's worksheet on "Disparition au galerie de jeux"

November 5th

Math - Review your Number sense unit and study for the test on Thursday.

Language - make sure all your MeTube paragraphs are done and typed as a rough copy.

French - Review the new infinitive verbs

History - If you didn't read about Fur Trader on the weekend, please read up on them in the history textbook (Chapter 1)


FINLAYSON FORMS ARE DUE! We still have a few spots!


November 2nd

Math - Unit review pages 35 and 36 #1-20. Unit Test on Thursday! Be ready!

Language - Work on your 3 paragraphs for MeTube. Type your edited copies. Make a rough draft of the paragraph you are still working on. Your three final paragraphs should be complete by Wednesday

History - Read and make notes about les Courreurs des bois, les seigneurs, and les habitants in the textbook - pages13-16

French - Study new infinitive verbs

Pictures? If you plan on ordering pictures they are due Tuesday November 6th.

Finlayson Trip - are you coming? I hope you are! Money and trip form due next week

November 1st, 2018

Math - complete numbers 1-12 (exponents) on page 25/26 of the math book. Refer to your online version

Language - Type up 2 of your 3 paragraphs for MeTube. print and bring to class

Music - practice for Lion King auditions

Science - Review textbook section 2.3

French - Duo Lingo

October 31st, 2018

Happy Halloween!

You have no homework other than ensuring one more of your paragraphs for MeTube is complete!

October 30th, 2018

Halloween costume? Dress up appropriately!

Language - Finish either your relate or reflect paragraph rough draft...to be handed in tomorrow. Begin to search for images that you will connect to your lyrics for MeTube.

Math - complete the word problem sheet from today. Create a math question of your own using a GCF strategy.

History - Review the Real Settlers slides and complete your jot notes on all the settlers of New France

Science - Food Web worksheet to complete.

October 26th, 2018

Language - Finish your graphic organizer "retell" and write your retell paragraph.

French - Study and review all the infinitive verbs

Science - Finish textbook questions 1-5

Art - Choose a landscape.

Math - Review factors, multiples, and exponents. Write down any questions you may have.

October 25th, 2018

History - Complete your graphic organizer on Jacques Cartier and review the presentation I have shared with you.

French - DuoLingo

Math - Complete Mid-unit review...page 22 in the book. If your PDF does not provide the correct pages...Mr. Sakai says please click on the PDF and look for specific pages.

Language - Print lyrics of your song if it is not done, and continue working on the "retell" graphic organizer. To be continued in class tomorrow.

October 24th, 2018

MATH - If you did not do yesterday's homework on page 21 (# 1-10), you MUST complete it tonight. You can do the mid unit review on page 22 to make sure you understand the concepts we've covered in this unit.

LANGUAGE - Choose your insightful song for the MeTube project, print the lyrics, and bring to class tomorrow. Mr. DeAbreu will approve your song before you get started.

FRENCH - Duo Lingo can become your best friend tonight! Try a couple levels on your own.

HISTORY - Go online (start with Google) and write down 2-3 facts about each of the following people: Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, the Jesuit Priests, The Ursuline Nuns, and the Fur traders (les coureurs des bois).

mardi, le 23 octobre, 2018

MATH - Go to the PDF of the Math Makes Sense book...and go to page 21. Do numbers 1-10 on page 21.

FRENCH - Quiz on Telling Time and Infinitive verbs tomorrow. Review!

Help your parents with a chore or two! Maybe clean your room!

October 22nd, 2018

Math - Find the greatest common factor between the numbers 108, 56, and 284. Next try the numbers 550 and 1000.

When you are done, find the Lowest common multiple between the numbers 21 and 18. Then find the lowest common multiple between 225 and 175.

Lastly, create a prime factorization tree for the number 888.

Language - Continue to investigate and think about the song you will use for MeTube. We are doing another song study in class tomorrow. Think about how to dissect and comprehend lyrical text.

History - Finish your interview with an immigrant if it is not yet complete. We have a history class tomorrow morning and will be working on our family crests.

French - Quiz on Telling time Wednesday. You will also see some of the infinitive verbs we have studied.

Science - Test tomorrow. Make sure you study.

October 19th, 2018

Math - Do the work on Lowest Common multiple and greatest Common Factor from the Powerpoint I shared. Also do the work on pages 41/42 by Monday. It was supposed to be done for today!

History - Interview MUST be done by Monday.

Language - Bring a book to school for personal reading.

Science - Binder check and Test on Tuesday

French - Test on telling time and Infinitive verbs on Tuesday

October 18th, 2018

Math - Read the new lesson I have shared with you about Great Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiples. Try some of the work so that tomorrow in class you know exactly what we are talking about. Also, there is extra practice work on pages 41 and 42 of the Math Makes Sense textbook, which I have also shared with you online.

Science - Finish your worksheet. Test is on Tuesday!

Drama - Look up ET the Mime on YouTube and watch some of his videos. As you watch, note what the problems are that the mime creates.

French - Spend some time on DuoLingo...play a level or two. Finish and review your Telling Time package.

History - Conduct your interview with a parent or friend and learn about their story of coming to Canada. Make notes and be prepared for the next steps of the assignment.

October 16th, 2018

History - Conduct your interview of an immigrant by Friday

Language - Choose a book of interest to bring to school. Spend 20 minutes reading independently

Math - Review for the QUIZ on Thursday

Science - Binder check - BE READY! Test next week. Finish the worksheet from today.

REMEMBER! Tomorrow is open house @ 6:30 PM

October 3rd, 2018

language - Finish your paragraph about your dream job. Check your email for shared thinking questions.

History - Complete your Timeline of Important events.

French - Practice your introduction. We will begin presenting tomorrow.

***I Forgot to remind everyone - Tomorrow is ORANGE SHIRT DAY! Wear an orange shirt if you have one, and remind any classmates who you are connected to!

Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity for First Nations, local governments, schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope for generations of children to come.


October 2nd, 2018

Math - Finish work on factors and multiples.

French - Have your French introduction written down for tomorrow's class.

Language - Bring in a newspaper from home or some flyers to help work on your wanted posters

October 1st, 2018

Math - Create a Factor Tree for the number 124 666. Review your knowledge of factors and multiples for tomorrow's class.

French - Finish the ten question questionnaire as I will be asking three oral questions at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Science - Review all your notes thus far.

Language - Finish your questions on "The Halifax Explosion" if they are not done. We will be peer editing in class tomorrow. Read something of interest for 20-30 minutes.

Drama - Consider how the game we played outside today relates to acting live on stage and/or applying for jobs in theatre.

Sept. 27 2018

Math - Finish bar code chart

Science - Finish Biotic and Abiotic sheet. Make sure all sheets are in the folder. Notebook checks are coming up

French - Play Doulingo

Art - Finish your silhouette. To be handed in the end of next period.

Language - Read for pleasure

Music - Can you read notes on a treble clef? Practice a bit, quiz coming up.


Sept, 24, 2018

Math - Make sure your Math Prodigy account is active and accessible. Play a few games.

French - Set up your Duolingo account and start BASICS 1.

Science - Finish Bill Nye Sheet

Language - Read something you like for 30 minutes. It's fun!

Gym - Clothes need a freshen up?

Sept. 20, 2018

Math - Check and solve the slide presentation I have shared with you

French - Review numbers 1-100

History - Have all the 9 pictures for the project either printed or saved online

Sept. 19, 2018

Math - Finish Math About Me

French - Review numbers 1-100

November 14th, 2018

Math - Use a novel you are reading or choose a paragraph from a newspaper article. Open to any page or start anywhere in the paragraph. Count the number of letters in each of the first 50 words. Record your data in a tally chart. Then, graph your data in your choice of graphs. Which is the most common length of word?

French - Study your 8 infinitive verbs and their conjugations.

History - Are you finished your package on farming, government, and Huronia in New France?

Language - practice your MeTube presentation

Sept. 21, 2018

French - Review numbers 1-100, we have a quiz on Monday. Duolingo?

Math - Have Math About Me finished.

History - Our next class is Friday. Have your pictures ready by then. Don't worry about the write ups, I will give you time to do that in Language Arts.

Science - Review science notes for the week.

Gym - Bring home clothes and wash them


Sept. 26, 2018

Math - Bring and item that has a bar code on it.

Science - Finish questions, textbook is online.

Language - Read for pleasure.

French - Begin your French introduction so we can practice pronunciation in class tomorrow.

Music - Can you read notes on a treble clef? Practice a bit, quiz coming up.

Art - Finish your silhouette. To be handed in the end of next period.

December 7th

HISTORY - Finish preparing your presentation/performance as a member of New France.

MATH - Math Makes Sense Textbook page 96 #1-6

LANGUAGE - Make sure you have written a proper Haiku, Tanka, and I am poem, and have all 3 poems in your language folder.

FRENCH - Try and advance yourself 3 levels in Duo Lingo

January 17th

If you are at the Raptor game tonight, have fun and be safe! Go raps go! I will also understand if you need a bit of extra time because of the trip!

MATH - Review the slides of Congruent Triangles that we looked at today. Copy a note in your math book about the rules for congruent triangles.

FRENCH - Complete parts A,B, C of your "Destinations D'hiver package". Review the vocabulary and focus if the nouns.

LANGUAGE - Read one more poem by Shel Silververstein. You can google his name an many will come up. Note the title of the poem,