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BTS - 21 Century Girl

This song is about gender equality to females. Gender equality is the state in which access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender. Gender equality has been rising problem more targeted against females. BTS shines awareness on this topic by making a song.

"Don’t ever be scared Whatever people say, you’re okay Alright You are strong" don't listen to other's hurtful comments and you're okay the way you are. You don't need to fit into molds others create for you.

"Everybody wanna love you Everybody gonna love you Don’t worry about anything else" Is that don't get depress if you think your not worth it, you don't need to fit into society's eyes. They'll get glasses so they can see you better. You just need to be yourself.

Lyrics for BTS 21 Century Girl


BTS Jin - Awake

Firstly, to understand the song better, let's talk about Jin. Jin is a singer, but previously had no intentions of singing, and he wanted to be an actor instead. However, Big Hit (BTS's company) streetcasted him to try to debut him with BTS. He spent about 3 years practicing singing and dancing because he has never danced or sang before. He would practice everyday till 3 am, while continuing his studies in acting. When he joined, the other members were much more talented than him and younger than him. He started to compare himself to others and his self esteem went downhill. This song is about his experience with his low self-esteem because he was constantly comparing himself to others and feel as though he was lacking.

"Yeah it’s my truth. I will be covered with wounds all over" is about his self esteem and comparing to others that he will never be as good as the other members.

"Maybe I, I can never fly I can’t fly like the flower petals over there Or as though I have wings Maybe I, I can’t touch the sky Still, I want to stretch my hand out I want to run, just a bit more " is about him saying to himself that he can't do it. He can't fly gracefully like the flower petals over there. (metaphor to the other members)

Lyrics for BTS Jin Awake


BTS Jimin - Lie

A bit of a backstory about Jimin. He used to be strongly against his body. He wanted to look better to please others so much that he starved himself. He would only eat one meal every 10 days and snacks in between. This lead him into depression that only got worse. There's also one more thing that made him depressed. He was insecure from his whole body to his dancing, so much that he lied to himself that he was happy even though he knew he was depressed. He needed help badly but denied it. This is about his experience.

"Save me It continues even when I run away I am caught in a lie" is save him from depression and even when he tried to be happy his depression always came back. He also lie to himself that he was happy.

"Caught in a lie Find me when I was pure I can’t be free from this lie Give me back my smile Caught in a lie Pull me from this hell I can’t be free from this pain Save me, I am being punished" he can't lie about his happiness anymore and his depression is getting worse and worse. Someone please save him, bring back his smile.

Lyrics for BTS Jimin


Not Today - BTS


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