8th Grade

(2017 - 18)

**Stay tuned for 2018/19 updates**

The Team

Rafe Blood - ext. 215


Guy Hamlin - ext. 224

Social Studies


Susan Warren - ext. 221

ELA/ Social Studies

Sarah Wyman - ext. 218



Dennis Nardone - ext. 219



Jean Lawlis - ext. 222


Robert Allshouse - ext. 220

Special Ed

Jason Bannister - ext. 101

Performing Arts

Samantha Maheu - ex. 102

Visual Arts

Facebook page

Steve Groening - ext. 107

Tech Ed

Sarah Joy - ext. 100

8th Grade Seminar

Emily Davis - ext. 223

Guidance Counselor



(a work in progress)

As an academy, our goal is to encourage a spirit of exploration and discovery in a variety of areas including:

  • Core subjects (Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies)
  • Enrichment subjects (Music, Technology, Performing and Visual Arts)
  • Careers
  • Sports and other forms of games
  • Communication skills
  • Job preparedness
  • Self reflection
  • Goal setting
  • Thinking outside the box and stepping outside one’s comfort zone
  • Being charitable
  • Seeing the points of view of others
  • Imagining where we see ourselves in the future
  • Our local communities, our country, and the world
  • Finding out what we’re good at and what we need to work on
  • Determining what’s relevant, useful, and timely to us as individual learners
  • Being confident “action takers”