7th Grade

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Our Team

Martha Conway-Cole

mconwaycole@rsu71.org ext. 122 -SS/ELA

Kevin Coombs

kcoombs@rsu71.org ext. 118 -ELA

Susan Duff

sduff@rsu71.org ext. 117 -Math

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Matthew Greaney

mgreaney@rsu71.org ext. 115 Science & Math

Chris LaValle

clavalle@rsu71.org ext. 121 -Social Studies

Kelley Littlefield

klittlefield@rsu71.org ext. 116 -Science

Bob Allshouse

rallshouse@rsu71.org ext. 120 -Special Education

Terry Kuzell

tkuzell@rsu71.org ext. 120- Special Education

Miriam Lobo

mlobo@rsu71.org ext. 124

Maureen Ferriter

mferriter@rsu71.org ext. 123 -Guidance

David Wessels

dwessels@rsu71.org -Garden

Chad Larrabee

clarrabee@rsu71.org ext. 124 -JMG

Jason Bannister

jbannister@rsu71.org ext. 101 -Theatre Arts

Samantha Maheu

smahue@rsu71.org ext. 102 -Visual Art

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Steve Groening

sgroening@rsu71.org ext. 107- Technology Ed.

Sarah Joy

sjoy@rsu71.org ext. 100 -Library

Dawn Preston

dpreston@rsu71.org ext. 114 -Wellness

Wendy Reed and Henri Bouchard

wreed@rsu71.org ext. 134 & hbouchard@rsu71.org ext. 135 -P.E.