Shapleigh Memorial School

467 Shapleigh Corner Rd.

Shapleigh, Maine 04076

Phone: (207) 636-1751

Fax: (207) 636-2980

Principal: Timothy Stinson

Assistant Principal: Marisa Penney


Office: 8am - 4pm

School: 8:45am - 3:05pm

Career Connections

Channel 8 Visit

Andrew Volkay had the opportunity to ask Chief Meteorologist, Roger Griswold, his weather related question about satellites.

PreK Exploration

PreK Stone Soup.m4v

Our PreK did a lesson all about the importance of sharing today after reading Stone Soup by Jon J Muth.

With Mrs. Boemmels, they went outside and collected things from nature. After exploring and collecting, students sorted and counted their object. Together they created their own pretend Stone Soup with all of the items they found!

2017-2018 District Calendar (2).pdf