RSU 57

Continuous Learning Plan


Welcome to the RSU57 Continuous Learning site, where the information supporting distance learning is housed.

As a School community, our concern is always for the well-being of all our students and employees. As a school serving more than 3000 students and employing several hundred professionals, we have a serious obligation to ensure we are preparing and planning for any emergency that could create large-scale impact to the breadth of community members and campus operations. Sometimes, this means exploring alternative instructional delivery methods. This document does not address employment issues. Instead, it addresses how we, at current, can best prepare ourselves for prolonged absences and/or school closures.

Please see the page links at the top for information specific to each grade level and for some other helpful resources. If/ when our campus is closed temporarily we will engage students with learning experiences that continue the planned learning program, and help them to stay connected with teachers and classmates. As you read through this site, you will see an escalation in our instructional protocols for how we, as a caring and creative community of educators, might support students’ well-being and academic progress when the conditions for teaching and learning aren’t ideal or like anything we’ve experienced before.

These experiences offer authentic opportunities to focus on key concepts, knowledge, and skills. They emphasize interaction and creativity, and involve a balance of on-screen and off-screen tasks that help connect to previous learning and the current curriculum. We would like to acknowledge the support and input from professional educators in collaboration with the curriculum department, the technology department, and district administration.

COVID-19 Updates

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Continuous Learning Guide for RSU 57: Routines, Coursework, Communicate, Collaborate,  Reach Out

Videos for our students!!

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**Thank you to all who continue to work hard to maintain some semblance of "normal"!**

Site and resources adapted from the YIS Continuing Learning Site and the Noble/ Marshwood plan, both accessed on 9 March 2020.