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Welcome to the RSU 57 Employee Training Site

RSU 57 has the responsibility to train its employees with respect to workplace hazards and safety. Employees will receive training immediately after being hired. In addition, certain training modules are also required to be reviewed on an annual basis.

Training modules are assigned according to Maine Department of Labor and OSHA regulations and are broken down on this site by the type of training (INITIAL vs. ANNUAL) and the employee role. Each training module will include a presentation that is designed to take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete, followed by a brief online assessment.

There is an expectation that all questions be answered correctly for all assessment questions. Employees may take the assessments as many times as needed until this expectation is met. Assessment results will be maintained at the RSU 57 Office of Employee Safety located at the Central Office and administered by the District’s Safety Coordinator.

Employee Instructions

To access your training, please click on the appropriate box below. Once on the correct page, choose your job/role. This role page will list the required training and provide instructions on how to access the presentations and the assessments.

New Employee Training

Includes Long-Term Subs

Annual Training

Includes Long-Term Subs

Additional Health Training

(Only as Directed by RSU #57 Nursing Staff)

Technology Training Resources

The most common safety violations found in schools:

In order to ensure safety and compliance, the following is a list of the most common safety violations found in our schools. All district schools are inspected twice a year to ensure that the buildings are safe for both students and staff. It is your responsibility to abide by these rules.

    1. Extension Cords - No extension cords are permitted in any school building, however, a power strip plugged directly into an outlet is acceptable.

    2. Guards on paper cutters are required. If the one you're using does not have a safety guard, please report it to the principal at once.

    3. Exit doors in classrooms. Some classrooms have exit doors to the outdoors. Please make sure that nothing is blocking the emergency exit. A minimum of 30” clearance must be maintained at all times.

    4. Emergency Evacuation Maps are required near all emergency exit doors. If applicable to your job, make sure there is a sign on the door that says “Emergency Exit”.

    5. No Christmas tree type lights are permitted at any time.

    6. No desk or floor lamps are permitted. In cases of workplace illnesses, such as migraines, special permission may be granted provided a doctor’s note is received.

    7. Electrical and computer power cords on the floor presents a significant trip hazard. Please set up your room in a manner that minimizes this hazard. Cords can also be taped down using the black and yellow safety tape that is available in your school’s main office.

    8. Backpacks and winter boots in the hallways can cause a serious trip hazard. Please encourage students to arrange these items neatly along the wall.

    9. No use of personal items such as coffee pots, microwave ovens, personal refrigerators, stuff furniture, portable heaters are permitted in our schools. Some of these items are available in the employee lunchroom.

    10. Do not bring in any unapproved cleaning products such as Lysol or Clorox brand liquids or wipes. If you need a cleaning product, please see the building’s custodian. All RSU 57 cleaning products have been deemed to be “green” and safe.

    11. Do not bring an unapproved chemical or product onto school property. For a check of chemicals or products already approved, please go to the RSU 57 Homepage, then click on the “SDS/MSDS” box at the top of the page. A drop down box will give you two options. Using the instructions provided, check the “Databases” for the chemical or product you are interested in. If you can’t find it, it means that it is not approved at this time. To seek approval, go to the second option and click on “New Chemical / Product” form and follow the instructions.

    12. Due to the risk of fire, never place combustible materials on the heater.

    13. Fabric window curtains are no longer permitted in our schools, however window valances that have been properly treated with a flame retardant chemical are permitted.