Six White

Dear 6-White Families,

We welcome you all to the 6-White community at Marshwood Middle School. The 2018/2019 school year will be one of many new beginnings for all of us--new teachers, new students and new friends. We look forward to working with you to make your sixth grade year successful.

Your schedule, locker and other important information will be given to you when you come to school in September. In the meantime, listed below are the materials that you will need for your academic classes.


  • Three ring binder (2-inch) *This will be shared with Science*
  • Composition book
  • Simple calculator


  • Composition book (at least 100 lined pages)


  • Three ring binder (2-inch) *This will be shared with Social Studies*
  • Optional: Sheet protectors

Social Studies:

  • Composition book

Other required materials:

  • Pens, pencils, eraser caps, colored pencils and a case or box
  • Lined binder paper
  • Subject dividers (2 packages of 5)
  • Ear buds (we do have headphones, but many students prefer to use their own)

As you purchase your materials, please try to buy items that look like they will survive 175 days of use and consider buying different color binders and notebooks to help stay organized.

Also, any labeling that you can do (student name, subject, and 6W) before you come to school would be very helpful.

If you have any questions or concerns between now and the beginning of school, please do not hesitate to contact Kristen Vernace ( and we will see how we can help.

Have a wonderful summer!

Your Six White Teachers

Summer Reading packet for incoming 6th graders: