Second Grade Music Class

The Concert is December 11th!

Concert Songs

Look What We Can Do

Look What We Can Do!.mp3
Look What We Can Do Words.pdf

What Turkey's Have For Thanksgiving

What Turkeys Have For Thanksgiving.mp3

Penguins Are Lousy Bowlers

Penguins Are Lousy Bowlers.mp3
Penguins Are Lousy Bowlers Words.pdf

Christmas Sock Rock

The Christmas Sock Rock.mp3
The Christmas Sock Rock.pdf

One More Candle

One More Candle.mp3
One More Candle.pdf

Polar Puppy

Polar Puppy.mp3
Polar Puppy Words.pdf

Silent Night

We will be singing this song in English, followed by American Sign Language. This video is me (Miss B.) demonstrating the signs that we will be using.