Mr. Cyr's Technology Page

Welcome to my webpage! I am completing my sixth year as an elementary Technology Integrator in RSU #20 in beautiful Midcoast Maine. I have worked in several different schools within the district, and now work solely at Searsport Elementary School. I am passionate about technology and the importance of providing authentic, hands-on learning experiences for students of all ages and abilities. In my years here, I have helped plan and execute numerous district-wide technology initiatives, have served as a member of the district's Technology Committee, have contributed in the formation of two tech plans, and have helped identify creative solutions to overhaul my school's technology assets so that all students have access to modern, adequate devices.

There are a number of passion projects that I have developed that provide unique learning experiences for students. These include LEGO Robotics, competitive FIRST robotics, and 3D printing. I also provide ongoing support and professional development in my district to help staff learn new skills, adjust to ever-changing technology, and bring new tools into their classrooms.

Follow the links below to see more of what I do in the classroom, including active projects and activities for students. You can also follow the links along the top banner. I can be reached by email at