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Welcome to the RSU 13 Title I Parent Resource Page.  Please check back regularly for information and new resources.  For specific questions about your child’s individualized Title I programming, please contact your school directly. 

What Is Title I? 

The Title 1 program at RSU 13 is funded through the Title I, Part federal program whose mission is “To provide all children a significant opportunity to receive a fair, equitable, and high-quality education, and to close educational achievement gaps.”  It provides programs and customized services to help students meet academic standards and take an active, engaged interest in what they learn and can do. Currently our Title I program serves students in Grades K-5 with sevices and staff at each of our 4 elementary schools: Ash Point Community School, Cushing Community School, South School, and Thomaston Grammar School. 

Who Receives Title I Support? 

When a student is struggling to meet learning expectations in class, teachers respond by differentiating insruction and when needed, begin extra classroom level support (interventions.)  If students continue to struggle they may be referred to Title I by the School Intervention Team (SIT).  Throughout this process it is critical that students have good attendance so that they are receiving all the extra support that is being planned and provided. Parents are notified at each stage of this process, and if the SIT recommends Title I, you will receive a letter to sign, acknowledging your child's participation in Title I. 

What Kind of Support Will My Child Receive in Title I? 

Students participating in Title I receive supplemental instruction co-planned by the Title I Interventionist, a specialist with expertise in math and/or literacy.  The Title I Interventionist works closely with the Classroom Teacher to coordinate instruction, helping to target specific areas of need and address gaps that are interfering with your child's ability to fully access classroom, grade-level instruction.  This may involve the Title I Interventionist working with your child in the classroom and/or supplemental instruction outside of the classroom.  Parents are encouraged to stay in close contact with both the Classroom Teacher and the Title I Interventionist with any questions and to support your child's progress. Families should plan to meet with both the Classroom Teacher and Title I Interventionist during Parent/Teacher conferences. 

What If I Have More Questions? 

Your first step if you have questions about your child's learning progress is to reach out to your child's Classroom Teacher.  If your child is in Title I, you may also reach out directly to your child's Title I Interventionist.  Call your school or visit the school website if you need contact information. If you have questions about Title I programming at your school, please reach out to your school principal. If you have other questions or thoughts to share about Title I Programming in RSU 13, please fill out this Parent Inquiry/Feedback Form or contact Dawn Jones, RSU 13 Federal Programs Director, at djones@rsu13.org.

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