Forensics Science- Mrs. LaRosa

Forensic Case Report

Learning Targets

January 10, 2020

I can:

  • gather information for my research question from a variety of resources.
  • cite my research sources before I take notes.
  • take notes to answer my research question (using paraphrasing or quotes when necessary)

Project Descriptor

Forensic Case Report Assignment.pdf

Instructions for your Forensic Case Report.

Cite Your Sources

How to Cite Sources

Online Citation Makers

Easy to use online citation maker (MLA and APA). Links with Google Docs.

Offers different citation styles (MLA and APA )

Offers different citation styles (MLA and APA)

Detailed Citation Help

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University provides writing resources and instructional material.

Color coded citations guides from Long Island University Libraries.

Citing Digital Images (MLA 8 Format)

How to Cite a Digital Image in MLA 8 Format

Taking Notes

  • Use the "Research Worksheets", located in your project descriptor.
  • Remember to write your MLA citation BEFORE taking notes.

Research Sources

Internet Sources

  • See links in your project descriptor.

Newspaper, Magazine, and Journal Articles (access via the library's databases)

Books and Textbook (See books on reserve for you on the reserve cart, located in the library's classroom area. Also check our library catalog.)

TV Programs, Videos, and Video Downloads