Social Issues Position Research Paper

Research Process

Here you will find handouts and video tutorials on every step of the research process. Following these steps will help you to focus and stay organized while doing your research.

Research will be easier and more effective when approached as a process. Often, the stages in the process can be repeated, and the whole process can also become a cycle. This process is called the Big6 Research Process.

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Purpose/Task (Step #1)

1) Choose a Topic

2) Background Research: How Can I Get to Know My Topic?

3) Develop a Research Question: What Question Do I Want to Answer?

4) Formulate a Thesis

Locate and Access Resources (Step #3)

1) Databases (2 Required- SIRS and Opposing Viewpoints)

2) Library Online Catalog (for books)

3) Web Site

        • CRAAP Test

Using Information (Step #4)

1) Get Organized

As you conduct your research, it is important to stay organized. It will not only keep you focused on the research at hand, but will save you valuable time when it comes to writing/creating your paper/project and citing your sources.

There are three major things you will want to do to stay organized:

  1. Take notes on your research
  2. Cite all your sources as you research
  3. Create an outline to streamline the writing process

Writing research papers can be challenging but if you follow along to the advice in this section, the process will be quicker, more efficient, and with any luck, easier.

2) Take Notes

          • Tips for Taking Notes
          • Note Taking Organizer (Example)
          • Note Taking Organizer (Blank Handout)
          • Directly Quoting Borrowed Information
          • Paraphrasing Borrowed Information

3) Cite Sources: How can I document the sources I find?

Organizing, Synthesizing, Sharing Information

1) Organizing Tools:

          • Outline Generator
          • "The Hamburger"
          • Five Paragraph Essay Graphic Organizer


Using the rubric, does your research paper meet (or exceed) the assignment requirements?