Middle School


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Remsen St. Mary's Middle School/High School


Prayer service at the Grotto

8th Grade

Homecoming Float

Won First Prize for Best Float in Middle School

7th Grade

Homecoming Float

Won Third Prize for Best Float/ Middle School

6th Grade

Homecoming Float

Band members shared their talents with the spectators.

5th Grade

Homecoming Float

Won second place for Best Float in the Middle School

Non-band members of the 6th grade share their school spirit during the parade

Mrs. Kim Phillips

8th Grade Homeroom

5-8 Reading

7-8 English

Mrs. Melanie Swanson

7th Grade Homeroom

5-8 Math

5th Grade Science

Ms. Sandy Lundt

6th Grade Homeroom

5-8 Social Studies

6th Grade English/Spelling

Mrs. Jolynn Lewis

5th Grade Homeroom

5th Spelling/English

6th Religion

6-8 Science

The 8th grade girls pose before their last volleyball game:)