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Remsen St. Mary's Middle School/High School


Mrs. Kim Phillips

PK-12 Principal

7th Reading

8th English & Reading

Mr. Nolan Heese

8th Grade Homeroom

5-8 Math

5th Grade Science

STEM Exploratory

Ms. Sandy Lundt

6th/7th Grade Homeroom

5th, 6th, & 8th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade English/Spelling

5-6 Reading

Mrs. Jolynn Lewis

5th Grade Homeroom

5th Spelling/English

6th Religion

6-8 Science

7th English

Twin Day

Aiden and Elijah

Twin Day

Blaine and Micah

Twin Day

Grace, Sophie, and Josie

Twin Day

Lana and Maddy

Twin Day

Mia and Aubrey


Sam, Kinnick and Brennen

Character Day

Carter and Cade

Character Day

Ava and Joci

Character Day

Braxton K

Character Day

Brady K

Character Day


Character Day


Character Day


Character Day


Character Day


Character Day

Tessa, Callie, and Zajara

6th Graders perform their Reader's Theater of The Day the Colored Pencils Resigned.

8th Graders taking advantage of the warm weather during AR time.