S/HS Announcements

Hawk Happenings January 30- February 3

Tuesday, January 31

Today for CSW we Celebrate Our Nation and Community!

Congrats to our JH girls, JV Boys, Varsity girls, and boys all on their wins last night.

• 8:20—Juniors take the ASVAB tests ing in the Media Center please be extra quiet in the middle school hallway.

• 4:30—JV Boys BB @ home vs. West Sioux

• 6:00—V G/B BB @ home vs. West Sioux—Senior Night

  • Just a reminder From Mrs. Phillips ...if you are attending basketball games this week, please put your phones away and watch the games or simply stay home.

Lunch: Haystacks, Tortilla Chips, Black Bean Salsa, Pineapple, Bread, Garden Bar

Wednesday, February 1

  • 1:45 Schedule due to Student Appreciation Day

• No mass

• 12:00—5-12 students each lunch (MS students eat in classrooms.)

• 12:30—One Act performance for grades 5-12

• 6:30—Family Fun Night in the Jerry & Marlene Harpenau Family Gym

  • Seniors - tomorrow please park over by the weight room so our visitors for the Living Rosary on Thursday can park close to the door.

  • Lunch: Orange Chicken, Rice, Stir Fry Vegetables, Mandarin Oranges, Tea Roll, Garden Bar

Thursday, February 2

  • 2:15 Dismissal Schedule

• 2:30—Living Rosary in the Jerry & Marlene Harpenau Family Gym

• 3:30—Bowling @ home vs. Sioux Central—Senior Night

• 4:00—JH girls BB @ home vs. Akron-Westfield

Juniors and Seniors- Please park over by the weight room or out in the parking lot on Friday so our guest coming to the picnic can park by the door.

Lunch: Mini Corndogs, Hash Browns, Green Beans, Peaches, Bread, Garden Bar

Friday, February 3

  • MS/HS running regular classes until 10:30


• 10:45—Catholic Schools Week mass at church

• 12:00—Catholic Schools Week family picnic in the Jerry & Marlene

Family Gym

• School dismissal after the picnic

• 4:30—JV boys BB @ AW

• 6:00—V G/B BB @ AW

MS/HS Announcements