Here is a collection of information, which may help you on your journey as an Upper Elementary parent.

Benchmarks of Independence

Upper Elementary Students Can...

Care of Self

Get dressed and prepare their own breakfast each morning

Plan and pack their own lunch

Be responsible for remembering their work, library books, jackets, musical instrument, sports equipment, and papers that need to be returned to school

Allot time, and manage until completion, their work, projects, research and reports

Come up with their own ideas and direction for research, reports and projects, and plan projects

Complete most of their work plan, most weeks

Care for the Environment

Pick up after themselves at school and at home

Care for pets

Care for plants

Treat materials gently and kindly, and take responsibility for accidents, so materials man be fixed in a timely manner

Use Interpersonal Skills (Care of Others)

Write thank you notes for gifts received

Exhibit grace, courtesy, and self control

Honor the class social contract

Use conflict resolution skills

Respect authority