Shasta Montessori Blended Homeschool

Graham and Kielich's Class

Our Class Philosophy

We want children to love learning. We desire relationships, between parents, students, and staff, that are goal-oriented, honest, and gracious. We believe in ensuring that the inquisitive nature of each child remains vibrant and adventurous. Our classroom and teaching strategies are mindfully designed so that every student is honored and their input is valued. We desire that every student is confident and willing to become the teacher and share the knowledge that they are learning with others. We firmly believe that students meet their potential with an education that develops the "Whole Child". As teachers, our desire is to understand your child's interests, learning strengths, and learning needs, and to make that the foundation for a purposeful and engaging learning environment. We are a multi-grade community, built on strong relationships, which fosters moral and academic excellence. We strive for each student to achieve their personal best by teaching them that being self-responsible and self-controlled is the key to their success. Ultimately, our students are the directors of their future.