Primary Munchkins

Teacher - Jolene Edwards

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Welcome to Shasta Elementary Montessori School - Primary Classroom

This is my third year teaching at Shasta and can I just say...I AM IN LOVE! I have been a traditional teacher for almost 17 years. Over the years I have been honored to teach students in grades Kindergarten through Adult Education. Montessori has been a breath of fresh air. Two years ago I went back to school to receive my education in Montessori and it changed how I think about education! Montessori Primary students are happy, parents are delighted, and I feel incredibly blessed.

When I am not in the classroom I love to be with my family. I live in Weaverille and commute to school. I am a mother to four wonderful children. My eldest son Michael lives in Sacramento and attends school there. He is quite active in the Political climate of the area. My eldest daughter, Ciera, lives in Paradise and recently married in June 2016. I am so excited to welcome another son into the family. She is also finishing up her academics to enter into the Nursing Program at Chico State. We are so proud of her. My younger son, Eli, also lives in Paradise. He is in the process of recieving a degree in Natural Resources. Finally, my youngest daughter, Izy, is the only child still living at home. She is a delight to be around. Izabella is smart, beautiful, and has aquired her mother's outgoing personality.

My hobbies include...hmmm...well... I love to cook (well - actually - I love to eat). I enjoy backpacking in the summer with family and friends, working with my horse, walking with my dogs, and furthering my education whenever possible. I have selected the right career, I AM a life long learner and thrive on what I learn.

In our classroom, your child is respected and cared for as I would care for my own children. My style is part educator, mother, counselor, and friend. My previous students, when they see me do not turn and walk away, but embrase me with a hug. I do what I do FOR THEM.

The greatest sign of success for a teacher... is to be able to say, ’The children are now working as if I did not exist.’ - Maria Montessori