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RSD6 Mathematics Philosophy and Program Description

The Region 6 math curriculum embeds the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice. These are practices are integrated into every mathematics lesson for all students throughout every grade K-12.

Here are grade level examples of how these practices are integrated into daily math activities.

Parent Guide to the Mathematical Practices.pdf

COMMISSIONER'S Summer Math Challenge: Math is All Around Us

The 2017 Commissioner's Summer Math Challenge is a FREE math skills maintenance program based on grade-level state standards for mathematics. The program is targeted to students who have just completed 1st through 6th grades and is designed to help kids retain math skills learned during the previous school year.

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Summer Math Packets for grades 1-6

Looking for a little extra math practice over the summer? Below are July and August math activity calendars that you can use to keep yourself fresh with your mathematics learning! The suggested activities found in this packet were carefully chosen, keeping the Common Core State Standards and real-world applications in mind. The goal is for you to have fun learning, thinking and working collaboratively to communicate mathematical ideas. We’ve also included lots of technology applications as well!

Students entering Grade 1

Students entering Grade 2

Students entering Grade 3

Students entering Grade 4

Students entering Grade 5

Students entering Grade 6

Fact Fluency

The following flashcards can be used to help your child maintain his or her fact fluency. It is important that your child not only recalls the answer for each fact, but that he or she can also explain a strategy that could help in solving the fact if it was one that he or she could recall right away. When practicing the flashcards, pick a few and ask, "What could you tell a friend who was having trouble with this fact to do to help solve it?"

Addition and Subtraction within 10

Addition and Subtraction within 20

Multiplication and Division within 100

Students who were enrolled in Reflex Math during the school year, should be able to continue to use the program at home throughout the year and over the summer months.

Why We Need Common Core Math

A video made especially for parents and teachers on why we need the common core. It shows some great data on why students did so well and some great footage of a wonderful math task from Ruth Parker, with some visual solutions.

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Learn more about

problem solving in Region 6

from our students and faculty

Video Clips:

  • Introduction
  • What is Problem Solving?
  • How do you Problem Solve?
  • Step 1: Understand
  • Step 2: Think and Plan
  • Step 3: Solve-Using Math Vocabulary
  • Step 3: Solve-Using Representations
  • Step 4: Review Solution
  • Step 5: Connections
  • Feedback-Scoring Rubric
  • Student Reflections
  • Faculty Reflections