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State Assessment Information

Smarter Balanced Assessment

Connecticut students throughout the state in grades 3 through 8 participate in the Smarter Balanced Assessments for english language arts and math. The Smarter Balanced Assessment is aligned to the Connecticut Core Standards and is designed to assess student progress toward college and career readiness in mathematics, reading, and writing. Administered online, these assessments will adapt to each student’s ability, giving teachers and parents/guardians information to help students succeed.

The Smarter Balanced Assessment will be administered for students in Grades 3 through 8. Our students will be administered the assessment in the month of April.

The total testing time for most students is approximately 4 hours. Testing sessions will be spread out over the course of several days, allowing teachers to plan for developmentally appropriate testing time frames for students.

As required by Connecticut General Statute 10-14n, all students are required to take a mastery examination in Grades 3 – 8 for mathematics, reading, and writing. The state of Connecticut has replaced the previous state test known as the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) with the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

Key Features of the Smarter Balanced Assessment

  • Measures critical thinking with questions that ask students to demonstrate their research, writing, and problem solving skills
  • All testing is administered using a secure online assessment system that includes a variety of tools and technology enhanced test questions that will improve the assessment experience for our students
  • Accessibility tools for all students and accommodations – such as text-to-speech, key word translation glossaries, American Sign Language translation, and Braille – for those who need them
  • Assessments are untimed and students can take breaks throughout the testing sessions so that they can do their best

Click here to explore with your child the Smarter Balanced Practice Tests

Click here to learn more about the Smarter Balanced Assessment in the state of Connecticut.

CMT/CAPT Science

The state has set aside the end of March through April as the CMT and CAPT Science testing window. Students in grades 5 and 8 across the state will participate in the Connecticut Mastery Performance Test (CMT) in Science. Students in grade 10 will take the Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT). The CMT/CAPT Science serves as the statewide science assessment program required by state and federal legislation. All Grade 5 ,8 and 10 students enrolled in a public school must participate in the test.

Click here to learn more about the CMT/CAPT Assessment


The Connecticut State Board of Education adopted the SAT (created by College Board) as the annual state assessment for students in grade 11. All 11th grade students in the state of Connecticut will take the SAT on March 21, 2018.

State SAT Testing Day: March 21, 2018

SAT Make-Up Dates: April 24 and 25

For more information on CT SAT DAY, please visit the following links.

Information Regarding Score Reporting

Connecticut SAT Frequently Asked Questions - A Guide for Parents and Students

College Board Resources for Students (Practice and Review)

College Board + Khan Academy SAT Practice Tests

District Assessments

District Assessment Calendar

The district assessment calendar serves as a tool to systematically approach assessment practices that help guide teachers with determining important next steps in instruction when planning lessons and units. This calendar is developed based upon developmentally appropriate assessment timeframes and administration of assessments as a fluid process is encouraged. In other words, a teacher can make decisions regarding how often to use an assessment tool for individual students aside from the fall, winter, spring progress monitoring sessions.

RSD6 PK-12 Assessment Calendar [2016-2017]
2016-17 Assessment Inventory

Assessment Inventory

Region 6 received a grant through the Connecticut Department of Education to partake in an assessment inventory process that resulted in the reduction of duplicative assessments and a standards-aligned K-6 report card.


Universal Screening STAR Assessments

STAR Assessments for Literacy & Mathematics are used to help teachers monitor progress of student achievement and growth throughout the school year. It is a first step in helping identify students that may need extra support or extension opportunities. Teachers and administrators use the STAR test results as one measure to make decisions about instructional changes for students. At the district level, STAR assessments are used to determine the effectiveness of the core curriculum. Curriculum leaders and administrators use trends and patterns from this data to make adjustments to curriculum documents and professional development opportunities.

STAR Parent Guide.pdf