CT Core Standards

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On July 7, 2010, the Connecticut State Board of Education adopted academic standards known as the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in English language arts and mathematics. These standards establish what Connecticut's public school students should know and be able to do as they progress through grades Kindergarten to grade 12. Connecticut has a long history of having high academic standards for our students. These core standards ensure that all children are provided with a high quality education. Every student, parent, teacher, and administrator should have a clear understanding of these standards of success as we approach our educational programming.

The state of Connecticut has designed resources and materials that are available on their website.


CCSS for English Language Arts/Literacy (ELA): Full set of CCSS for English language arts/literacy for grades K-12.

CCSS for Mathematics: Full set of CCSS for mathematics for grades K-12

CCSS for ELA: History/Social Studies : Full set of CCSS for History/Social Studies for grades 6-12.

CCSS for ELA: Science and Technical Subjects : Full set of CCSS for Science/Technical Subjects for grades 6-12.

National PTA - Parents' Guide to Student Success:

Kindergarten Grade One Grade Two Grade Three Grade Four Grade Five Grade Six Grade Seven Grade Eight

High School English High School Math

links to state and national standards beyond the core subjects