Regional school district 6

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment -- Wamogo -- Warren -- Morris -- Goshen

The Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment department provides leadership in the development, review and refinement of the Region 6 prekindergarten through grade 12 curriculum. An ongoing curriculum review cycle process ensures that the district's curriculum, teaching methods and assessment practices are aligned with the State Department of Education's expectations and frameworks. A strategic systems approach to curriculum development and implementation provides opportunities for teachers and administrators to stay current with the research on best-practice instructional strategies that work best for our students.

region 6 Curriculum Leaders

Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction Goals

1. Consistent district-wide implementation of a coherent, content-rich curriculum

    • The Curriculum has a clear and specific direction on the key skills and concepts to teach at the grade level/course in a logical progression and developmentally appropriate sequence.
    • Implementation of the curriculum at the classroom level is founded in the most effective research-based teaching practices. Teachers use discretion as to the lesson design and delivery approach specific to the needs of the learners.
    • Curriculum is designed to provide teachers opportunities to insert their personal passions as part of the lesson design process as well as allow teachers the time needed to harness teachable moments.

2. Mastery by every teacher of the components of effective, explicit instruction

    • Lesson goals and expectations for learning are clear to the learner and the purpose and worthiness of the task is understood. Students understand the instructional goals and outcomes expected, as well as how the information or skills presented will help them.
    • Teachers frequently & ongoingly check for student understanding (within a lesson and across lessons) and adjust instruction based on assessment insights. This includes embedded opportunities for reteaching and extension.
    • Feedback to students is immediate, clear, actionable and advances learning.

3. A comprehensive, cross-curriculum emphasis on literacy

    • Students purposefully read, discuss, and write about worthy, meaningful literature and nonfiction across disciplines often, expressing their learning in the interpretive and argumentative mode.