Maker Space & STEM -- Wamogo -- Warren -- Morris -- Goshen

  • Elementary MakerSpaces in each building with weekly visits from each classroom
    • 3D Printing in each MakerSpace
    • Arduino

JMS Makerspace

STEM Education & Next generation science standards

Region 6 STEM Inventory Final Copy.pdf

Regional School District 6 engaged Education Connection– the Regional Educational Service Center of Western CT located in Litchfield – during the 2015-16 school year to review the depth and breadth of STEM programming in the district (K-12) and provide recommendations to the district administrative team regarding STEM education. To achieve this objective, the Skills21 team allocated time and resources from the Skills21Program Director and two STEM curriculum specialists.

"Expo Fest is an annual highlight for the Skills21 and affiliated organizations. This event is the culminating experience for a year's worth of hard work and innovation by middle and high school students from across the state of Connecticut."