School Wide Rubrics

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Problem Solving

The students will accurately identify a problem, effectively select a strategy, and collect/analyze data in order to clearly communicate results.

1. Wamogo Problem Solving Rubric

Information Literacy

The students will read and comprehend visual and written texts; responses demonstrate their ability to analyze, to make connections, to draw on inferences, and to evaluate texts

2. Wamogo Information Literacy Rubric


The students will collaborate on a task and participate with others in sharing the responsibilities of being prepared, listening, and contributing information.

3.Wamogo Collaboration Rubric


The students will effectively communicate orally, visually, and in writing by addressing purpose, using evidence, employing organization, and following the standards of the assigning discipline.

4.Wamogo Communication Rubric.doc

5.Community and Civic Responsibility

Students will demonstrate responsibility for learning, a responsibility for self, and a responsibility to the school community.

5. Wamogo Community and Civic Responsibility Rubric