On Saturday, November 17, 2018, the Libby Middle School History Club competed in the National History Bowl Regional Competition in Mead, Washington. The competition did not have a Middle School Division so Libby students competed against High School students and still took First Place over the Junior Varsity High School students!

Congratulations to the team of: Jonathan Crosier (Club Founder/President), Ben Bowen (Vice-President), Lincoln Fullmer (Team Captain), Mrs. Denise Poston (Club Supervisor), Dr. Jon Crosier (Mentor)

The Team Captain, Lincoln Fullmer, additionally took First Place in the Junior Varsity individual challenge!

Way to go Chargers!

…and way to go parents and teachers for supporting your Chargers!

Leona Libby Middle School students earned several awards at the Mid-Columbia Science Fair. Daniel Li earned First Place for 8th grade and Ourania-Marie Glezakou-Elbert earned First Place for 7th grade. Other awards were earned by Taryn Boonpangmanee (Award of Distinction-Creativity, Systems professional society management award), Sankar Harilal (Award of Distinction-Thoroughness, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 8th grade Physical Science 3rd Place award), Shashank Ramuhali (Award of Distinction-Thoroughness, American Society of Mechanical Engineers), Forrest Runkle (Award of Distinction-Experimental design, 7th grade Physical Science-Honorable Mention), Sahir Tandon (Award of Distinction-Engineering), Ourania-Marie Glezakou-Elbert (Award of Distinction-Creativity, Broadcom MASTERS nominee, 7th grade Life Science-1st place award), and Daniel Li (Award of Distinction-Scientific Thought, Broadcom MASTERS nominee, 8th grade Life Science-1st Place award).

Leona Libby Middle School's Destination Imagination (DI) team earned First Place at the State Competition after earning First Place at the Regional Competition. They will next compete at the Global Finals on May 22-26 in Knoxville, Tennessee. The team was also awarded a Renaissance Award for outstanding design, engineering, execution and performance. Team members are Rebecca Graves, Ella Johnson, Brock Walker, Trent Walker, Sahir Tandon, Jaxon Larsen, and Ben Higbee. Destination Imagination is the largest STEAM competition in the world.

The Leona Libby Middle School math team earned first place at the Tri-Cities Chapter MATHCOUNTS Competition held February 3 in Richland and has qualified for the Washington State MATHCOUNTS Championship. Team members are Daniel Li, Austin Wa Hailong Wang. Earning trophies in the individual competition were: First Place - Anthony Petyuk, Second Place - George Hu, Fourth Place -Sankar Harilal. MATHCOUNTS competitions consist of four parts. The Sprint Round tests accuracy under time constraints. The Target Round features multi-step problems that engage students in mathematical reasoning and problem-solving processes. The Team Round encourages team members working together to solve problems. The Countdown Round is an oral competition, with pairs of top scoring individuals competing against each other and the clock to solve problems. The Tri-Cities Chapter of the Washington Society of Professional Engineers sponsored the competition.

Richland School District and Leona Libby Middle School are pleased to announce 2018 winners of the Future City Science Competition. After four months of preparation, the team of Anastasia Crosier, Jonathan Crosier, and Taryn Boonpongmanee took First Place in the regional competition in Pullman, Washington and Third place in the state competition in Auburn, Washington. This has brought in $1300 in winnings for Leona Libby Middle School and each competitor has earned an annual scholarship of $2000 to Washington State University totaling $8000 towards a 4-year degree in a STEM related major.

Richland School District and Leona Libby Middle School are pleased to announce great success for the Libby Math Team at the 2018 Regional Math is Cool Competition. Competing in the Phi Division, the sixth and seventh grade teams both earned First Place overall and the eighth grade team earned Second Place overall.

In individual categories for sixth graders in the Phi division, George Hu earned first place and Andrew Liu earned third place. In individual categories for algebra students, Anthony Petyuk earned first place, Sean Xu earned second place and Ourania-Maria Glezakou-Elbert earned fourth place. Competing as individuals in Geometry, Austin Wang earner first place and Daniel Li earned third place. Way to go charger math team!