Positive Behavior Intervention Support

Libby students follow the GOLDEN rules:

“I have Good intentions through my Own actions. I Listen first and Do my best. I Empathize with others and I choose to be Nice! Today, I am GOLDEN!”

      • G - Good intentions
      • O - Own my actions
      • L - Listen first
      • D - Do my best
      • E - Empathize with others
      • N - be Nice!!

Restorative Justice

At Libby, we recognize the importance of preparing students for future success. One disciplinary procedure that has benefited students in other schools is the restorative justice circle, which provides a structured space for a safe encounter between conflicting parties. When students have behaved in inappropriate ways, they are invited to partake in a restorative justice circle with their parent, an administrator, and anyone else involved in the conflict. Each participant has the opportunity to share his/her perspective and listen to the perspectives of others as a talking piece is passed through the circle.

The process is value driven. Primarily, it is designed to bring healing and understanding to conflict. Reinforcing this goal of healing is the empowerment of the parents and students to be involved in deciding what is to be done in the particular case to address underlying problems that may have led to the conflict. In reaching these goals, the circle process builds on the values of respect, honesty, listening, truth, sharing, and others.

Celebrating Student Achievement

Celebrating student success is a core value of our school community. We are currently in the process of developing methods in which to reward excellence at Libby. One possibility is an online system for staff to be able to electronically award students for positively contributing to the school community. Students would be able to spend electronic points on various rewards throughout the school year.