Student Support

Academic Support (grades)


    • Teachers and Volunteers (Community Members, Industry Professionals, High School students)

Online resources

    • Teacher-added resources on our Learning Management System (LMS)
    • YouTube
    • Khan Academy


    • Peer to Peer
      • Students will partner with other students to help mentor academically or socially. These students will be able to coordinate time before, during and after school.
      • Students may be selected as a Teaching Assistants to help tutor students in need
    • High School students
      • We will reach out to Delta, Richland, and Hanford

Social Support (peers)

Community services

    • We will look into organizations like Big Brothers and Sisters, Walla Walla Friends, Natural Helpers


    • All students will be encouraged to join a club and/or sport
    • Students or teachers can initiate a club. Students need to find a teacher sponsor.
    • Possible clubs could include:
      • Destination Imagination
      • Art
      • Drama
      • Yearbook
      • Math
      • Coding
      • Robotics
      • Newspaper
      • Student Ambassadors/Leadership
      • Chess
      • NJHS
      • Diversity/Equality/Acceptance
      • Buddy Club
      • World Language
      • Book
      • Gamer
      • Photographer
      • FuelUp to Play60