Learning Management System

Now that every student has their own Chromebook, we need a way to organize our work online. In order to do that, all students and teachers use Canvas as our common Learning Management System (LMS) for our classes. Students and Parents can access class content and monitor student progess by utilizing the LMS.

In this tutorial, our students explain how to navigate Canvas:

Canvas on your computer

You can access Canvas online by going to Log in with your child.

On the right column, you can see items that need to be completed by your child. You can click on a class to see the modules, assignments, outcomes, and grades.

Note: If you are having difficulty accessing the Canvas site on your home computer, try to first log into Google Drive ( with your child's school email address and password, then go to the Canvas site (

Canvas on your phone

You can also download the Canvas app on your phone:

After installing the app, choose "Richland School District" from the drop-down menu on the app. Log in with your child.