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Exciting Updates:

The Leona Libby Middle School math team earned first place at the Tri-Cities Chapter MATHCOUNTS Competition held February 3 in Richland and has qualified for the Washington State MATHCOUNTS Championship. Team members are Daniel Li, Austin Wa Hailong Wang. Earning trophies in the individual competition were: First Place - Anthony Petyuk, Second Place - George Hu, Fourth Place -Sankar Harilal. MATHCOUNTS competitions consist of four parts. The Sprint Round tests accuracy under time constraints. The Target Round features multi-step problems that engage students in mathematical reasoning and problem-solving processes. The Team Round encourages team members working together to solve problems. The Countdown Round is an oral competition, with pairs of top scoring individuals competing against each other and the clock to solve problems. The Tri-Cities Chapter of the Washington Society of Professional Engineers sponsored the competition.

Richland School District and Leona Libby Middle School are pleased to announce 2018 winners of the Future City Science Competition. After four months of preparation, the team of Anastasia Crosier, Jonathan Crosier, and Taryn Boonpongmanee took First Place in the regional competition in Pullman, Washington and Third place in the state competition in Auburn, Washington. This has brought in $1300 in winnings for Leona Libby Middle School and each competitor has earned an annual scholarship of $2000 to Washington State University totaling $8000 towards a 4-year degree in a STEM related major.

Richland School District and Leona Libby middle school are pleased to announce great success for the Libby Math Team at the 2018 Regional Math is Cool Competition. Competing in the Phi Division, the sixth and seventh grade teams both earned First Place overall and the eighth grade team earned Second Place overall.

In individual categories for sixth graders in the Phi division, George Hu earned first place and Andrew Liu earned third place. In individual categories for algebra students, Anthony Petyuk earned first place, Sean Xu earned second place and Ourania-Maria Glezakou-Elbert earned fourth place. Competing as individuals in Geometry, Austin Wang earner first place and Daniel Li earned third place. Way to go charger math team!

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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Ben Franklin

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

-- Albert Einstein

We will help give our American children a pathway to success in the workforce of tomorrow.

-- Donald J. Trump, upon signing Presidential Memorandum for STEM Education Funding


Inspiring students' imagination, creativity, and perseverance to achieve their goals and shape our community through the power of STEAM.


By contributing to a greater community, we solve real world problems through a relevant, open, and integrated environment in which ideas and imagination are encouraged through the cycle of inquiry.

Libby Chargers!

School-wide Learner Outcomes:

Upon transition/graduation from LMS, each student will represent a socially accepting and responsible person with a strong sense of self–– with goals to teach and inspire the same in others. LMS students will demonstrate a growth mindset that seeks to improve, explore, and share in self and community improvement through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. This includes an upper secondary readiness for the courses and extracurriculars of local high schools, including, but not limited to, DELTA, Hanford, Richland, Rivers Edge, and Health Sciences Academy. LMS students will produce innovative and researched projects, presentations, or performances that demonstrate a thorough understanding and ability to communicate content, evidence, and arguments as a group or as an individual. Finally, LMS students will be thoughtful in their involvement and service to the community that involves heart, mind, and character through their talent, skills, and communication developed at LMS.

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