Student Life

Meridian Sixth Form is an exciting place to study. Its welcoming and harmonious atmosphere makes it the perfect environment to meet new people and make friends.

The Student Union (SU) looks forward to you joining the College. All members of the SU work for you, the students. We are an integral link between the students and the teaching body. The transition into Sixth Form can be challenging, we aim to make it as smooth as possible.

The College offers students access to a vast range of facilities for working, exercising and socialising, as well as a wide variety of A Level and other courses, taught by supportive and passionate teachers, who take great care in ensuring students attain fantastic qualifications. At Meridian, every student is appreciated as a unique flourishing individual.

For us, representing the student body is extremely important. The Student Union and College listens to the ‘voice’ of all the students as your views help to shape and improve College life. It is important for the College to know what you think about your lessons, the support you receive, the IT systems, the facilities on offer – indeed everything, right down to the quality of café food. You will also take part in surveys about your overall College experience, as well as in each subject. We aim to provide the best possible Sixth Form experience.

If you would like to become part of a college that will provide you with superb future prospects, as well as allow you to discover who you are, then Meridian Sixth Form is truly the place for you!

Heather Lawrence

Student President

Meridian School

The Meridian School • Garden Walk • Royston • Hertfordshire • SG8 7JH

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