Learning Agreement

We are delighted to welcome you to Meridian Sixth Form College. We hope that this will prove to be a happy, productive and successful time, where you will thrive as a member of our highly successful community and develop the skills necessary to become an effective, self-supporting, independent learner.

Our Values

We are a civilised community and positive personal relationships are an important feature of Meridian School and Meridian Sixth Form College. We have a strong sense of shared values; values by which we live and against which we are happy to measure ourselves and our College.

  • Learning, not only for purpose but for its own sake
  • The limitless potential of people
  • Striving for distinction and high achievement in everything we do

Meridian Sixth Form College will nurture your talent, support you as an individual and provide you with:

· An induction to the Sixth Form and your study programme

· Teaching by suitably qualified staff using a variety of teaching and learning materials and methods

· Access to facilities which will enhance your learning experience

· Appropriate but challenging targets. We will monitor and review your progress throughout the duration of your course

· A Form Tutor and enrichment programme which will support your studies encourage your personal development and help you to review your progress

· Regular progress reports and parents’ evenings to discuss your progress

· Help and advice regarding Higher and Further Education as well as career options available to you when you complete your course

· A healthy and safe working environment

· Equal opportunities regardless of race, gender and level of ability

· Opportunities outside of the classroom for you to gain wider skills and experience

Please read the Learning Agreement carefully, before submitting the necessary information and completing the agreement form at the end of this section.

Use of The Learn Centre and Sixth Form Centre

Both The Learn Centre and Sixth Form Centre are fantastic resources; the computers located in the centre of The Learn Centre are exclusively for Sixth Form use. It is open from 8:15am until 5pm every day and Learning Resource Manager is on-hand throughout the day to help and support students. We recommend that students make the most of the quiet learning environment to focus on their independent self-study, however, there are a few guidelines which all students must follow:

  • Students must be considerate of others working in The Learn Centre and remember that it is a silent working environment
  • No food or drinks are permitted in The Learn Centre or Sixth Form Study Room (with the exception of bottled water preferably with a sports cap)

  • Students should make sure that they log off and remove memory sticks from the computer and collect all work from the printer before they leave
  • Cover work for any lessons when a teacher is not in school will be set for students to complete in The Learn Centre or Sixth Form Study Rooms.

  • Any student causing a disruption or preventing others from working will be given a warning and then asked to leave. Any student asked to leave The Learn Centre on three separate occasions will not be allowed to use The Learn Centre for the remainder of the half-term
  • By logging on to the school network all students agree to adhere to the ICT Acceptable Use Policy. Failure to adhere to the ICT policy will result in the withdrawal of access to the computer systems and possibly further disciplinary measures

  • Any student constantly accessing Internet sites unrelated to their study will be asked to leave The Learn Centre
  • Any student who is deemed to have been rude to a member of staff in The Learn Centre will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to use this facility for the remainder of half-term

Work Experience

At Meridian Sixth Form College we value Work Experience as an integral part of the Careers and Work Related Learning programme. Work Experience is where the student carries out a particular job or range of tasks, under supervision, within the workplace. As part of the Sixth Form curriculum, each student at the college undertakes a short period of Work Experience annually in July, usually the last week of the Summer Term.

The aim of this activity is to enable students to gain valuable experience of the world of work and to demonstrate their skills and abilities whilst working within a team of adults in a real working environment. The majority of students find it very beneficial to their future careers to choose and have ownership of their placement.

Paid Employment

Whilst we value the skills and experience that students can develop through a part-time job, we are keen to ensure that any paid employment does not have a negative impact on students’ progress in their Post 16 studies. We strongly recommend that students do not work more than 10 hours in a week. Studies have shown that working more than this amount will have a detrimental effect on students’ results.

Student Car Parking

Please be aware that student car parking is only available on the school site in the Sixth Form car park. Parking for motorcycles is available in the motorcycle bay in the main car park. Parking is at your own risk.

Students are not permitted to park on any other part of the school site. Students must register their cars by completing a Parking Permit form. These are available from reception and should be returned to reception. Failure to display your Car Parking authorisation will revoke your parking permit and you will no longer be able to park on the school site.

6th Form Subject Teacher and Student Expectations

Meridian Sixth Form College aims to secure outstanding outcomes for all students. Through outstanding classroom practice we strive to develop a love for learning and encourage all of our sixth form students to aspire to greatness in everything they do.

As a student at Meridian Sixth Form College you can expect to:

  • have enjoyable, differentiated lessons, which offer both challenge and support
  • have your folders and organisation checked on a regular basis
  • have a one-to-one learning conversation about the progress you are making in each subject prior to every data collection
  • have realistic and accurate grade predictions based upon assessed work
  • have regular homework set alongside suggestions for independent study
  • have work marked regularly and have at least one piece of work assessed using exam assessment objectives every 4 weeks
  • be tracked against your Oxford Analytics target grade and given targets for improvement
  • be placed on the Post 16 Learning Improvement Plan if your teacher/tutor has concerns about your attitude to learning

In return you will be expected to:

  • Have high expectations of yourself and the college.
  • The college expects you to attend 100% of your timetabled sessions – on time with the correct equipment. This means subject lessons, tutorials, enrichment activities and mentor sessions. Attendance will be closely monitored in College through our sophisticated systems. To attend 100% of any timetabled GCSE re-take lessons. You should ensure absences are reported to the College by 8.30 am on the first day of absence. Inform your teachers prior to any foreseen absences and on the day of any illness.
  • Catch up on any missed work prior to the next lesson
  • Draw up a study plan which identifies how you will use your study periods
  • Complete all work on-time and to the best of your ability. If you are having a difficulty in meeting a deadline, then talk to your teacher
  • Re-submit any assessed work, which falls two grades below your target grade
  • Complete 4-5 hours independent study per subject per week
  • Not work more than 10 hours in paid employment per week during term time
  • Do not invite non-students onto the site. To make sure that the college is a safe environment for all, you must never invite non-students into the Sixth Form. You have an obligation to keep the College and School safe for all.
  • Book Holidays Outside of Term Time. You should not book holidays during term time; losing vital days and weeks of study through taking a holiday will impact on your studies and performance in examinations and is regarded as unacceptable by the College.
  • To progress to A2, you should achieve a minimum of two D grades in your AS Levels. All students will take Pre Public Exams (Mock Exams), in every subject studied, at the end of the AS year. If you have only achieved one D or above at AS, you would be expected to seriously consider whether or not to continue with your A Level Programme of Study, it is not appropriate or possible to only carry one subject forward to A2 Level.
  • Classroom Protocol: We expect that all mobile phones and personal music devices are switched off when in class.
  • You should also adhere to the College’s Acceptable Use of ICT Policy.
  • Behave respectfully and with care. The Sixth Form is a working community where all people are respected and supported. We expect that other students, staff and the public be treated with respect and courtesy. We expect tolerance of other people’s views and that you comply with our code of conduct and be aware that you represent the Sixth Form at all times, not just on the college premises. The college is committed to a culture of equality, respect and celebrating diversity.
  • The College is committed to providing you with a safe environment in which everyone has the same opportunity to fulfil their potential. We wish to actively promote both equality and diversity within the College. The range of policies that cover this commitment are available to students and parents through our website on the Policy Page
  • Our students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to a purposeful, safe, secure and diverse Sixth Form College. Whilst we recognise that self-expression is part of being an emerging adult, items of dress that may reasonably be expected to cause offence to any member of the college community, such as T-shirts bearing inappropriate language or images, or particularly revealing items of clothing, are not allowed to be worn.

This is your Student Learning Agreement - your contract with the Sixth Form. We want every single one of you to succeed and we shall go the extra mile to get you to where you want to be. It is a partnership and we shall work as a team; please take very seriously the commitments you make when signing your Student Learning Agreement.

Student/Parent/Carer Agreement

Student Agreement


Tutor Group__________ Mobile Number_______________________________

I have read the Sixth Form Learning Agreement and understand my rights and responsibilities as a sixth Form student. I also understand that if I break the agreement I may, ultimately be asked to leave the Sixth Form.

Signature (student) ___________________________

Parents’/Carers Agreement

We support the guidance as outlined and agree with the standard of attendance and behaviour detailed in the agreement. As parents we will endeavour to support the Meridian Sixth Form College in helping our child achieve his/her learning aims.

  • I/We as parent(s)/carers(s) understand that if our son/daughter’s attendance at lessons falls below 85%, that I/we may be asked to pay for exam entries.

  • I/We agree to support The Meridian Sixth Form College under the terms of this agreement. I/we will notify the college if my/our son/daughter is absent through illness or other reasons.
  • I/We understand that the aim of this Agreement is to provide my/our son/daughter with a good 16+ educational opportunity and that infringing it must be treated as a serious matter and could result in the students being asked to leave the Meridian Sixth Form College.

Signatures (Parent/Carer) __________________________________

Please return this signed page to your Form Tutor

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