Frequently Asked Questions

1.How can I find out term dates?

All term dates are published on the school website and also in students’ planners.

2.What does my child need to wear for school?

All uniform requirements are included in the student admission pack and available on the school website. Please make sure your child has the correct uniform for school.

3.What equipment will my child need?

All equipment requirements are included in the student admission pack available on the school website. Please ensure your child has the correct equipment at all times so that they are always ready to learn.

4.How will I know how well my child is progressing at school?

All parents will have access to Go4Schools, an online password protected system that shows how their child is getting on. Each student will receive a progress report every half term as well as being able to access live assessment information in between the reports. Parents/carers are also invited to attend a Parents’ Consultation Evening to review their child’s progress and some parents may be invited to attend a ‘Targeted Consultation Evening’ in addition to this if there are areas of concern.

5.How will I know what homework to expect?

The easiest way to check what homework your child has been set is to log onto Show My Homework. This is available here, and a free app is also downloadable for your smartphone or tablet. Students are also required to write their homework in their planners during every lesson, which parents are encouraged to check on a regular basis. Students are expected to regularly revise their subject knowledge, even if a homework task is not set. Students can revisit notes, test themselves on prior material or explain a concept to another person in the household.

In addition to learning subject knowledge, students are expected to read regularly. In order to access GCSE papers students require a reading age of 15 years and 7 months. It is vital that your child reads for pleasure to help them to progress. By gradually increasing the challenge of the texts they read, your child will improve their reading age.

6.Who do I speak to if I have any concerns?

Your child’s tutor is your first port of call if you have any concerns. They know your child best and can be contacted via email or a call to the school office. Tutors can refer you to other staff where appropriate.

7.How do I request time off school?

Attending school is vital to ensure your child’s success. We strongly advise that all medical appointments are made outside of school time wherever possible.

Holidays must be taken outside term time and any requests for time off for extenuating circumstances must be made in writing, in advance, to the headteacher for special consideration.

8.What extra-curricular activities do you have on offer?

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities and students are reminded of these via a daily bulletin.

9.What if my child needs help with their learning?

Our learning support department offers support in and outside the classroom for students with special educational needs. We identify the needs of each individual and offer bespoke support based on those needs. You can also contact your child’s form tutor to find out what other appropriate support may be available for your child.

10.How do we pay for school lunches?

Our canteen runs a cashless system using fingerprint technology. Parents/Carers pay money into their account using ParentPay or by cash/cheque.

11.How do I apply for free school meals?

Applications for free school meals are managed by Hertfordshire County Council. Please go to https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/services/schools-and-education/at-school/free-school-meals for information on how to apply.

12.What should I do with my child’s planner?

Your child’s planner is a key three-way communication tool between you, your child and the school. Please check this each day to see what homework your child should be completing and sign this at the end of each week once homework has been completed.