Welcome to Kindergarten

Hello Families,

November is upon us! Parent teacher conferences begin this week and will continue to October 31. Please be on time to your conference. I have many conferences booked back to back and I want to be sure to give you all your time. November is not a packed full of activities as October is but there are still a few days to be aware of.

Important Days to know.

  • Popcorn day is every Wednesday. Popcorn is $0.50, pickles are $0.50 and fruit roll ups are $0.50.
  • November 3 Field Trip to the Zoo.
    • Please dress your child in layers. It might be chilly in the morning and quiet warm by the time we leave.
    • As always please pack a sack lunch for your child. Everything must be able to be thrown away and please make sure that nothing needs to be warmed up.
    • If you will be chaperoning on this field trip, please be sure that your background check is complete.
    • Anyone in attendance on the field trip with the school must be background checked.
    • On the day of the field trip please come to the front office at the school to check in and receive a volunteer badge. Then you may meet us at the zoo.
    • Again as a reminder, the district policy for field trips is that no siblings may come on the field trip. The reason being is that parents must be able to have their full attention on the children that have been put in their charge.
    • If you come to be with your child on the field trip and you have no volunteer badge, a younger or older sibling who does not have a volunteer badge you may check your child out with me and you may walk the zoo with your child. It will be an unexcused absence for the day. This is for the safety of everyone and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
  • Thanksgiving break is November 22- November 24.
  • Please stay tuned for information about a small “Thanksgiving celebration” on the Tuesday before break. I do not have all the details yet but we will be learning about the first Thanksgiving and then have a small celebration.

As always please contact me with any questions or concerns you have. The best way is my email. kelli.morrissette@rrps.net or the communication page in your child’s binder. If there is an emergency call the front office and they will contact me. 771-2366.