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Test date 10/10/18 @ RRHS

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Three reasons to take PSAT in 11th Grade:

1. Great Practice for the SAT

  • Studies have shown that students who take the exam more than once often score higher on subsequent tests.

2. Connect to Colleges

  • Students who take the PSAT can opt-in to the College Board’s free Student Search Service. This service allows colleges to identify students based on several factors, including, but not limited to: Intended major, grade point average, state residency.
  • More than 1,100 different colleges participate in the Student Search Service, giving you the opportunity to connect with colleges that you may be unfamiliar with or had not previously considered. You also typically receive brochures and other marketing materials, as well as information on campus tours and other upcoming events.

3. Gain Access to Scholarships

  • Perhaps the best kept secret about the PSAT is the opportunity to earn free money for college. Students who take the test during their junior year may be selected to participate in one of the scholarship and/or recognition programs directly linked to the exam. Depending on your score, you may qualify for one (or more) of the following:
  • National Merit Scholarship Program – Each year, approximately 7,600 National Merit® Finalists are selected to receive scholarships through the National Merit® Scholarship program. Students may receive either a one-time $2,500 National Merit® Scholarship, a corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarship (varying amounts), or a college-sponsored Merit Scholarship (varying amounts). An additional 1,300 students who were not selected as Finalists will be awarded Special Scholarships (varying amounts). Scholarship winners are chosen based not only on their PSAT scores, but also their skills, accomplishments and academic record.
  • National Achievement Scholarship Program – Outstanding Black American students have the opportunity to be recognized by both the National Merit® Scholarship Program and the National Achievement® Scholarship Program (NASP), though they can only receive monetary compensation through one program. Approximately 800 students each year receive scholarships from the NASP. Seven hundred receive the $2,500 National Achievement® Scholarship and the remaining 100 students receive a corporate-sponsored Achievement Scholarship.
  • National Hispanic Recognition Program – Although the National Hispanic Recognition Program (NHRP) does not provide financial awards directly to students, being named is an important academic recognition that may lead to scholarship offers from prospective colleges. Each year, 5,000 of the top scoring Hispanic students are recognized for their academic achievement through this program.

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