welcome to ms. dereu's class!

PLEASE be diligent about checking your Remind and email for important updates as we go back into the school.

  • Everyday I highly recommend for each student to have a mask on their beautiful face and one in their backpack. A pair and a spare will get us through the day!

  • Students will need to bring back and forth: Sunshine folder and both of their math books

  • There are no water fountains this year. Students will NEED to bring a water bottle.

  • Snacks! We will be doing snacktime everyday. Please send your student to school every day with a healthy snack.

  • As a first grade team we will be working on this week on determining what workbooks students will be bringing to school and how the situation with the Chromebooks. So please be on a lookout for that information.

  • Supplies!!!! There are a lot of supplies on the supply list. I am not at all worried about you all getting everything right now! The musts on the supply list are:

  • Pencil box

  • Clorox wipes (I know they are hard to find so do not stress if you cannot find them)

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Masks (the pair and a spare)

  • Old sock (to clean their whiteboards in class)

Our little sunshines do not need to bring in EVERYTHING on Tuesday. Feel free to send in a few things each day. The rest of the supplies we will worry about later on. Please be ready to bring in the rest at some point but I will communicate with you what we need and when.

  • Safety and health has never been more important than going into this very unique school year. I will do everything in my power to make sure the kids stay safe and healthy. Rest assured I am a clean freak! At the same time, please be mindful of how your student is feeling. If they start to come down with those typical “cold” symptoms (which are now recognized as potential COVID symptoms) use your best judgement.

  • The last thing is just preparing our kids. I will be having conversations with them during this week but I will only be “seeing” them Tuesday and Friday so I will not have much time! I am sure they are all thrilled to be back (as are you!) but things will be different. Make sure they know the in and outs of wearing a mask and washing their hands. Prepare them for these changes that we will face this year. I have no doubt in our ability to do this together!

I am here! Breathe we can do this. :)

Google Classroom has everything that you will need! Under Resources are a lot of helpful documents for parents. Every week it is important to look at the "Week at a Glance", it is your go to document for everything!! If anything comes up, I am here via email or phone call.